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March 2013

This year International Quilt Day is celebrated  Saturday March 6th, exactly two months following the debut of my Craftsy class,  Traditional Blocks Made Simple.
I've been relishing the 24 hour student interaction of Craftsy wherever my computer has been docked and I've been taking their classes too. Which is not to say I haven't stopped taking to the air, sea, road or subway to embrace quilting.
This coming April's International Quilt Festival,  in Cincinnati is approaching and a quilt trip through the Panama Canal is scheduled for April 2014
My book, Rotary Cutting Revolutionwas published in spring 2010. The eBook version is now available.
The eBook version is tremendously convenient for quilters around the world for several reasons:
  • Its Rotary Cutting  patterns may now be printed from a computer rather than being photocopied
  • Students in classes can download the book directly onto their device during a Make it Simpler workshop
  • It's easier to obtain by quilters in parts of the world where the print version has been difficult to come by
The eBook is available from  C&T Publishing Alternatively it's included at no additional charge within my Craftsy class course materials.
I subscribed to The Quilt Show on January 1, 2007, its opening day. When Rotary Cutting Revolution was published I recorded episode #905,  on a summer day in Boulder with Alex and Ricky Tims.    
The Quilt Show
This weekend isn't long enough because  in honor of International Quilt Day, everyone who signs on to The Quilt Show  beginning on Friday, March 16 through Sunday, March 17, will have free access to over 140 of their internet video shows, including mine. Their daily blog is wonderful. 
TQS is celebrating the occasion with drawings for substantial prizes including the new Bernina550QE sewing machine. My heart's set on that machine. 
This evening the reception for the QUILT exhibition WORKT
was held at the the Brooklyn Museum with the Sackler Center. I traveled to it by subway.  Workt by Hand is an exhibition of some thirty-five exceptional American and European quilt masterpieces from the  Museum's renowned decorative arts holdings. It's on view March 15-September 15, 2013 whereupon it will be at the National Museum of Women in the Arts from December 20, 2013 -April 27, 2014
Quilty as charged,