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February 14, 2013

Having my cupcake and eating it too.
I taught  for the Connecticut Piecemakers on the same day as my Craftsy debut.

It's been an exhilarating month for me. From cupcakes to Southern California to teach for a week. Next week I'll be in the Chicago area with more workshops. 

My special news is the upcoming QUILT exhibition WORKT opening next month at my favorite New York museum:
is an exhibition of some thirty-five exceptional American and European quilt masterpieces from the Brooklyn
Museum's renowned decorative arts holdings. On view March 15-September 15, 2013
It will examine the impact of feminist scholarship on the ways 
in which historical quilts have been and are currently viewed, contextualized, and interpreted. Only one of these rare quilts has been on public display in the past thirty years. Incidentally, the Anatsui show is up through August 4th

 Quilts Matter to me



Why Quilts Matter - Trailer
Why Quilts Matter - Trailer

Quilty as charged,