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Oh Happy Day

January 16, 2013

Last month I spent a few days in Denver at Craftsy. If you aren't familiar with Craftsy, you might find this recent feature on them in The Wall Street Journal to be of particular interest.

Craftsy created a video with me and launched it today. Their announcement is below. 


Curious? You may watch the sixty second preview of Traditional Blocks Made Simple, at no charge, by clicking on a link below.   

Announcement From Craftsy

January 16, 2013

Beautiful Blocks Made Brilliant

Gone are the days when creating the pieces for Arrowhead and Pineapple blocks required tedious measuring. Join me, Anita Grossman Solomon, for my first online Craftsy class, Traditional Blocks Made Simple, and learn my techniques for constructing these and other attractive blocks more easily than you can imagine.


We'll start with the block I call Anita's Arrowhead. I'll take you through the creation of all the pieces you need for this block-with just two eight inch squares of fabric and three rotary cuts! I'll also show you some tips for truing-up that you can use for a variety of blocks. Next, I'll walk you step-by-step through the assembly of Anita's Arrowhead. Plus, I'll demonstrate how to make and use my visualizer tool, which allows you to see what blocks will look like when particular fabrics are paired together. After that, we'll move on to my Pineapple block. You'll see how to use two pieces of fabric that are sixteen inches square, along with my paper cutting pattern to get all the pieces accurately rotary cut without measuring. I'll even detail the construction of this non-paper pieced Pineapple block to a new, dynamic half-drop setting. We'll also cut out a Square-on-Point block using another paper pattern, and much more. Enroll in Traditional Blocks Made Simple, and learn innovative cutting and piecing techniques for making stunning quilt blocks quickly. 

During the early 90's, I passed a Greenwich Village shop near my home in New York City. There was excitement overflowing from the store, so I decided to investigate all the elation. The store was selling scrapbags of gorgeous Provenšal fabric and yardage, some of which I purchased. This instance was the beginning of my powerful fondness for fabric, and it put me on a path toward quilting. As my fabric collection grew, I decided I needed to use it. I was explaining this to an art historian couple I've known since college, and they pointed me to a book in their library about how to make a quilt. This initial spark was the catalyst that connected me to my first position as a quilting instructor for Riverbank State Park, where I created my simplified techniques for making quilts. Today, I own Make It Simpler«, have authored three books on quilting, and I teach nationally.

When I sit down in my sewing chair, serenity washes over me. With Craftsy, you can enjoy my class from the comfort and convenience of your own workspace. Craftsy classes offer the best features of a live class, and then some. They're interactive, so when you have questions, just type them out, and I'll get back to you with answers. If you want to communicate with your classmates, see the projects that others have made, or share your own, you can. But, unlike a live class, Craftsy classes are yours to watch any time and as many times as you want. Craftsy classes are professionally filmed in high definition, so you get a perfect view of every technique. Plus, Craftsy classes have helpful features like video notes-which let you easily refer back to the parts of class that are most important to you. I know you'll learn a great deal in my class, but if for any reason you decide it's not for you, Craftsy will give you a full refund.


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and get comfortable using contrast, value, and color basics to select fabrics and create quilt layouts.
Anita Grossman Solomon | Craftsy Instructor
Author of 

Rotary Cutting Revolution C&T Publishing, 2010

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