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February 2013
UPS Batteries - The Most Vulnerable Part of Any UPS System

UPS battery installation The battery is ultimately at the heart of the UPS system in terms of reliability. Understanding causes of UPS battery degradation, ways to prevent degradation and maintenance options are fundamental to ensure maximum system availability and are key to data center maintenance.


Did You Know...

  • Over 90% of UPS failure is attributed to battery error and it is the number one cause of UPS load loss and system downtime.
  • The single most critical element of UPS performance is battery quality.
  • It only takes one bad battery in a string to bring your systems down during a power outage or other interruption. 
In This Issue
Extending the Life of Your UPS Batteries
Your Battery Environment
Battery Testing & Replacement
Battery Trending & Voltage Inspection
EEC's 26+ Years of Experience
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"Steward Health Care System, the largest community-based accountable care organization in New England, is very pleased with the service that Electronic Environments Corp. (EEC) provides to our facilities.

Recently, we had a problem at one of our hospitals with one of the older UPS units that we hadn't yet refreshed. We contacted EEC's Customer Care Center and they had a technician on-site within two hours. The technician determined that because of the age of the unit and the available parts, installing a temporary UPS would be the best action in order to keep the power to our vital technology. Since it had to be done right away; EEC took one of the units from their own on-site lab, unhooked it, brought it to our facility and swapped the load over.


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At EEC, our UPS battery replacement and maintenance philosophy is designed around detecting and correcting potential issues before they become problems that cause system failure and cause your data center to lose power. When inspecting UPS batteries we look for leaking cells, cracked cases, and sulphation to name a few issues; temperature, voltage, and conductance are also measured, tracked, and analyzed.  


Below you will find several points to think about regarding your batteries and their performance:


Extending the Life of Your UPS Batteries

Here are some key points to help extend the life of your batteries: Tips to extend your UPS battery life

  • Purchase the correct battery for your data center or critical facility
  • Make sure the battery manufacturer is qualified by
    the major UPS manufacturers
  • Make sure the battery is fresh, not surplus stock that has been sitting on a shelf
  • Properly install, manage and maintain your UPS batteries
  • Regular inspections of your batteries is important
For more details on each of these points - Read more here >>


Your Batteries' Environment 
Ensuring that the environment for your UPS batteries meets the battery manufacturer's specification is critical. 
Batteries should be stored indoors, preferable at 77F (25C) or in a cool (60F to 85F), dry location and placed in service before the date stamped on the shipping carton. The indicated storage time is based on storage at 77F (25C); approximately six months for Lead Calcium alloy and approximately three months for Lead Antimony and Lead Selenium cells. 

Exercise caution when operating or storing batteries at low temperatures because of the possibility of electrolyte freezing. Although the specific gravity of a fully charged battery may present no freezing problem, the discharged specific gravity may. 

UPS Battery Testing and Replacement

UPS battery testing & replacement are vital to your data center's uptime Since most batteries wear out every three to five years, it is critical that they are regularly inspected. And, considering the fact that the failure of a single battery jar can cause an entire system to fail, UPS battery testing and replacement as needed are fundamental components of a proper UPS maintenance plan. 


Typical maintenance replacement cycles:

  • Standby use - Three to five years for VRLA batteries; wet cell battery life is variable
  • Cycle use - 1200 cycles at 30% of discharge; 550 cycles at 50% of discharge; 250 cycles at 100% of discharge


UPS Battery Trending & Battery Voltage Inspection
UPS battery trending is one of the tools we use to detect problems before they can jeopardize your system availability.  EEC's engineers use the trending capability within our Infrastructure Manager software to identify potential problems and recommend corrective action prior to the UPS battery failure; aiding to the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients backup power systems.


The battery voltage and conductance readings are recorded, graphed, and compared against the manufacturer minimum and maximum recommended readings within Infrastructure Manager. When a reading is outside the recommended manufacturer tolerance it is called out and highlighted for our clients and technicians to see and act upon. This proactive approach to UPS battery maintenance is added insurance that the power will remain on at your facility.


UPS battery voltage reading from EEC's Infrastructure Manager asset management software  

26+ Years of Experience

EEC provides turn-key UPS battery replacement services including; removal and proper disposal of your existing battery, installation and testing of the new batteries, and verification that the batteries are operating properly with your UPS system. EEC's factory trained experts will work with you to recommend the size and model of battery system that best meets your needs. Our field technicians work in accordance with IEEE Standards 1188 and 450 for VRLA and Flooded UPS batteries, and follow all federal, state, and local regulations for handling hazardous materials. 


Take a look at a recent battery replacement and installation project that we performed

We offer a complete range of UPS battery support services on all the major battery manufacturers systems as well as UPS system design, installation, maintenance and repair services. Contact us to learn more by clicking below or calling 800-342-5332.


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