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Thank you for being a member of California Women Lead.   As a member, we would like to share with you exclusive communications on a variety of topics geared for women who are interested in or who hold elected and appointed office. 


Rachel Michelin

Executive Director/CEO

California Women Lead 


Strategies for Successful Campaigning 


Whether you are running for the State Legislature or your local water board, your campaign must include a strategy for fundraising.  Money is a factor to winning a campaign - you have to be able to tell people you want the job!  Each campaign has three basic resources:


       Time - a non-renewable resource.  You cannot change the date of the election, and each day that passes you can't get back.  Make sure you use your time wisely.


       People - an active volunteer base can offset the need to raise large amounts of money.  As soon as you decide to run make a list of all the people you know who can help you out.  You may choose to interview and hire a consultant and a campaign manager.  If you are running in a highly contested race, start planning early to get first pick of the most talented people.


       Money - You are trying to win an election, so each penny you spend should be used to reach that goal.  Many a candidate has lost because they just ran out of money - don't let that happen to you.


Once you have made the decision to run, sit down and put together your campaign budget.  Make sure you are realistic.  The chances of raising one million dollars for a school board race is a little far-fetched. Estimate how much it will cost to open a campaign office (or if you even need a campaign office), phones (can you just use a cell phone?), computers, and staff (does your race need to have paid staff?).  How much do you think you will spend on mail? (A LOT!)  On advertising?  Once you have developed your budget - STICK TO IT!  Many campaigns are lost because the candidate and the campaign got off course. Keep in mind social networking is huge, such as Facebook and Twitter, and the best part is that they are free!  


Some people love fundraising; some people hate it.  For women especially, fundraising can be very challenging.  You can get over this hurdle by remembering that you are not asking for charity; you are asking people for an investment - an investment in YOU!  If you really have problems with the thought of asking people for money, you may want to reconsider running for office.  Every candidate must to this, so prepare to put in a lot of time "dialing for dollars."



Top Ten Reasons Why People Contribute To A Political Campaign 


10.  They like the "perks" of being a donor.

9.  They are pressured by their business associates or social contacts.

8.  They always give.

7.  They believe in the political party the candidate represents.

6.  They want to support a winner.

5.  They perceive the donation will give them access to the candidate once they are elected.

4.  They do not like the opponent.

3.  They believe in what the candidate stands for.

2.  They are a friend, relative or associate of the candidate.


And the number one reason why people give to a candidate...





California Women Lead is a 501(c)3 issue neutral association of women holding - or interested in holding - elected or appointed office. Our mission is to give California's women the tools they need to be successful in both their political and professional lives.


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