March 2016

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In Asheville, A Budding Hub For Innovation

Let us learn to dream, gentlemen.   -Friedrich August Kekule

So are science, and technology, and entrepreneurialism, and venture capital, and risk, and vision, and social good, and  . . . well, just about every ingredient you need for a decidedly innovative and human-centered culture.  In fact, it's not at all far-fetched to think of this small city, nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, as an emerging Silicon Valley.  Or, quite possibly, the city is creating a new model of how innovation cultures can operate in the 21st century.

Nowhere is this emergent innovation and vision more apparent than atThe Collider, Asheville's newly opened research, commercialization and meeting space dedicated to bringing together science, innovation and business to solve climate challenges.  More than a meeting space, more than an incubator or accelerator, The Collider is really an idea made manifest, a physical place and a real and virtual network for "strategic collisions" to occur between business and science.  It is an idea that is going to introduce dreams to the world. Read more.

R&T Parks Ready to Move Forward on Innovation Agenda
Canada's Research & Technology parks (R&T parks) welcome the government's 2016 budget, Growing the Middle Class, and its commitment to develop a new vision for Canada's economy with an Innovation Agenda over the course of 2016 and 2017. 

Canadian R&T parks are locally-driven clusters of innovation that link industry with government and academia.  Canada's 26 R&T parks house an estimated 1,800 companies and 65,000 knowledge-based workers. R&T park clients are among the most innovative and growth-oriented companies in Canada and an important source of job growth. These companies offer the best connections to academic institutions and the greatest insight on what is needed to drive applied research to market. Our membership is diverse and touches on every region and economic sector in Canada. Sectors of focus include biotechnology, life sciences, information and communications technology (ICT), electronics, energy, biochemical, environmental, and advanced manufacturing with domestic and multinational companies located in the R&T parks.Read More.
KAUST Hosts 2016 KAUST Future Fuels Workshop

The KAUST Fuels Workshop, held from March 7 to March 9 on the University's campus, brought some of the leading experts from academia, national laboratories and industry to KAUST to discuss the present state of affairs and future advancements in the field of combustible energy.

Throughout the three-day workshop, experts from across the globe and KAUST-based researchers discussed a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies relevant to fuel production, utilization and global sustainability, with an emphasis on low-grade and alternative fuels for transportation and stationary power sectors.  Read more.
2016 AURP International Conference Call for Proposals

Deadline: Friday, May 13 

Online Interesting approaches and creative solutions to challenges surrounding university research parks as well as the concurrent track of Innovation Districts, are sought for presentations. For more information, visit the Call for Proposals page.
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Career Opportunities

Associate Director - University Research Park

University Research Park, in Madison, WI, is embarking on an executive search process to hire an Associate Director, due to the retirement of the incumbent. The Associate Director of the Park serves as the chief operating officer with a particular emphasis on overseeing the park's real estate operations. Reporting to and working closely with the Managing Director, the Associate Director is the point person responsible for overseeing real estate leasing, property management, construction, and real estate development activities.   

Associate General Counsel
KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology) is seeking to hire two Associate General Counsel positions to join its campus on the Red Sea. Expatriate employees enjoy exceptional packages, including tax-free salaries, relocation allowances, accommodation and additional incentives.
Associate Vice-Principal (Innovation and Partnerships)
McGill University
McGill University is seeking an outstanding individual to lead its innovation and partnership strategy, agenda and operations. McGill is undergoing a process of transformation to become a more open and active partner in the global innovation ecosystem, with a focus on developing channels for broader translation of path-breaking research and novel ideas into solutions benefitting local, national and global society. 
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