Welcome to the June edition of our eNewsletter. Inside you'll find lots of green. Green energy, another kind of green energy...and Bella's idea of green energy.

Clean and Green.  
Spotlight on Park to Spark.      

As large corporations, institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations are strongly in favor of any effort to promote sustainability, Park to Spark offers clients a simple and cost-effective way to add electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to existing parking areas.

In recent years, EV adoption and expansion has been stalled by a perception of a lack of infrastructure to charge vehicles away from home. The result is a catch-22: expanded EV adoption requires more charging opportunities, while expanded charging opportunities require more EVs to justify the cost. Park to Spark has identified a way to have the best of both worlds by installing cost-effective, 120-volt charging stations in areas where cars are able to charge for an 8-hour period, including office complexes, colleges and universities, and hotels.

Park to Spark entrusted BD&E to develop a new name for the organization, a brand strategy to uniquely position them in the marketplace, and an engaging graphic identity and logo. BD&E also created an overview brochure, and is working with the sustainable mobility consultants to implement their new strategy on signage, station markings and in web and social media content.   

@ BD&E
Easy Being Green.

Team BD&E is enjoying this summer in many ways. Between planting Redbuds with The Western Pennsylvania Conservatory, relaxing on the deck with the crew, and Bella romping in any body of water she can locate during weekends...everyone is having fun in the sun. Production Designer and motorcycle enthusiast, Chase Davenport, has contributed a new addition to Fleet BD&E, and is carving up the streets.

When not at work, Chase spends a lot of his time on back roads where he and his girlfriend ride their bikes and stay cool in the breeze. Stay safe out there, fellow riders!

Catching Up with Bella
Go Dog Go!      

Golden Retrievers are known for their swimming prowess. And with Olympic trials taking place this week in Omaha, Bella has been working on her form. Sure, they have long, luxurious coats that act as flotation devices. Yep, they also sport webbed paws that act as large paddles, and a rudder-like tail that guides them effortlessly through water. Indeed, Goldens are natural-born swimmers and relentless retrievers.

Not our therapy dog Bella. She would rather play, bark and frolic in the water than fetch a ball or stick. Check out her form off the dock, we endearingly refer to it as the "Bella-flop!"

Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. Summer is officially here, fire up the grill, chill the drinks and cheer on our Pittsburgh Pirates!       

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