Welcome to the May edition of our eNewsletter. Inside you will find BD&E happenings, ideas we would like to share and, of course, the Bella update.

Making the Complex Simple.  
Spotlight on Duncan Financial Group.      

Duncan Financial Group is a well-established company with a truly unique business model, combining insurance, investment and tax services under a "single shingle." What is more, the firm also boasts Duncan Advisor Resources, an enterprising wholesale offering of national scale and unlimited growth prospects. To say that few understand the scope, scale and potential of Duncan Financial Group would be an understatement.

To communicate the breadth of services offered by Duncan Financial Group, BD&E has created a new brandline for the organization: "Making it All Work Together." This brandline gets to the heart of their organization: they aim to make the complex simple for their clients, customizing services to fit individual needs.

Along with the new brandline, BD&E has created a new visual identity and logo for the organization, which will be utilized for both retail and wholesale divisions of the organization. This new graphic identity can be seen on the Duncan Financial Group website and, over the coming months, will be implemented in printed collateral, premium items and new websites for Duncan Financial Group and Duncan Advisor Resources.  

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Love and Honor!

BD&E sends a congratulatory "shout out" to Mercedes Martinez on a fantastic finish at Miami University! Daughter of Kristina Martinez, Executive Vice President & Creative Director, Sadie spent her four years well by double majoring in Journalism and Sports Management, serving as standards chair for Gamma Phi Beta, studying in Italy, and earning a national championship in ice hockey. She heads to Michigan University to begin work on her Master's at the Graduate School of Kinesiology. Kris is just a wee bit proud!

Catching Up with Bella

Recently, Bella had troubling news ---- she tested positive for Lyme Disease. Although treatment is going well, she would like all our fellow dog owners to be alerted to the widespread prevalence of the disease. Enjoy the summer with a few tips from Bella: learn about the ticks in your area to understand your dog's risks; talk to your vet about preventatives; have your dog tested annually; and check your pet regularly, as these creepy crawlers are nasty ---- and difficult to find, especially in long-haired breeds! Watch her PSA, then get outdoors and have some fun!   
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. Spring is officially here, and our Penguins are in it to win it tonight! Let's go Pens!       

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