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Neville Renewed  
Spotlight on Presbyterian College.      

Neville Hall, the treasured architectural flagship of the Presbyterian College campus, is about to undergo a major renovation and expansion. A beautiful example of classic Georgian architecture, Neville has a special place in the hearts of PC alumni, faculty and donors. BD&E was honored to develop a multidimensional capital campaign to cultivate funding for Neville Renewed
Our primary efforts centered around a targeted direct mail campaign that used strategic and impactful appeal messaging to inspire friends and alumni to contribute. We highlighted Neville Hall's history and legacy as well as its position as the center of teaching and learning at Presbyterian College. Postcards, brochures, letters and keepsake prints fondly reminded alumni of their school pride and memories of PC.
Lastly we created a compelling video detailing the campaign goals and laden with beautiful footage of PC's historic campus masterpiece. The response from students and alumni was striking, with nearly 1,000 views in just the first week, and a successful launch of campaign donations. See it for yourself > 

@ BD&E
More National Recognition!

BD&E won 14 gold, silver, bronze and merit awards in the 2015 Educational Advertising and Education Digital Marketing Awards competitions. Sponsored by Higher Education Marketing Report, the most widely read educational marketing journal for the past 30 years, the Educational Advertising and Digital Marketing Awards recognize the best educational.... Read More >

Catching Up with Bella
It's Almost Bella-kini Season...    

It is finally safe to say that winter is over, and Bella is trying to part with those few extra cold weather pounds. Although great for insulation, we want Bella to be as happy and healthy as possible. So, we've been increasing her strolls around the office park and decreasing her intake of treats. If you're in the office and just can't resist that smiling face, may we suggest a crunchy ice cube? 
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. Spring is officially here, and our Penguins are in it to win it! Let's go Pens!       

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