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Spotlight on Presbyterian College.      

Building upon a new comprehensive brand strategy, brandline ---- Be Inspired for Life ---- and admissions marketing materials, BD&E has completed the latest addition to the Presbyterian College brand experience, a newly inspired website.

More than 1,000 pages of content were evaluated, reorganized and restructured to create an intuitive system of information. Intentional application of brand visuals to enhance usability and a thoughtful narrative make the site a natural companion to PC's admissions materials.

In a recent newsletter, Bob Staton, president of Presbyterian College, said "...you will find the website a great improvement over our previous site." Initial analytics confirm this; in a seemingly simple, but significant, benefit, users are resorting to the search bar far less often.

@ BD&E

Life is full of challenges, and they start at a very early age. BD&E designer and web specialist, Trish Duffy knows this all too well, as daughter Ivy just conquered her first big life task.

Officially a "big girl" now, Ivy encourages other toddlers with her motto: "Keep Calm and Read On!"

Catching Up with Bella
It Seems Like Yesterday.    

Maybe we are sounding like our parents when we say "Where has the time gone?" But for BD&E, it does seem like Bella entered our doors ---- and our hearts ---- just yesterday. As we celebrate her 9th birthday, we thought we would share a little gift with our readers. Please enjoy this nostalgic look back at the precious face that continues to make us smile each day.
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. Hang in there, spring is just around the corner. Let's Go Pens!       

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