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Be Inspired for Life. 
Spotlight on Presbyterian College.      

For Presbyterian College, articulating that "thing" that happens when students step on campus had been a challenge. How could they explain the transformative experience from wide-eyed freshman to confident, engaged and focused learner? How could they attract the student that would thrive in this close-knit community?
As part of a comprehensive brand analysis, BD&E learned that something happens at PC. Something that opens minds to new ways of thinking, and offers students face-to-face learning experiences and countless ways to live and serve. This, in turn, ignites inspiration ----  inspiration about life and inspiration that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
Through the new brandline, "Be Inspired for Life," and a series of "What If" scenarios, pertinent topics are posed to engage prospects in the possibilities before them. We tell the PC brand story through student experiences, faculty perspectives and successful outcomes of alumni. Inquiries and interest in PC are then captured and channeled through a multi-faceted integrated marketing plan. Next up: admissions marketing materials, digital advertising, social media, video communications and a newly inspired website.

@ BD&E
BD&E Welcomes our Newest Addition.

We are very excited to introduce you to the newest member of team BD&E, senior designer and project manager Michael Dicken. Michael has been working as a designer and art director for more than 17 years. He specializes in developing strong, strategy-based solutions across a wide range of media. He is guided by his personal design/life philosophy: Keep it simple.

Drop him a note or give him a call @ 412.458.3336. 


Catching Up with Bella
Keeping it Realz. 

Bella is always on the go, except when she is sleeping in our air-conditioned offices.

Beginning in September, Bella will be broadcasting her adventures via Periscope. Her feed will be filled with the occasional adventure, nap times and other G-rated fun!

Want to join or follow her? It is easy. Just download the app for your iPhone or Android device, sign in with your twitter handle and follow @BDEUSA.
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. In the meantime, enjoy the remains of warm weather, get outside and cheer on those Battlin' Bucs.     

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