Welcome to the April edition of our eNewsletter. Inside you will find BD&E happenings, ideas we would like to share and, of course, the Bella update.

Phase III Liftoff. Southpaw.com Launches.  

Spotlight on Southpaw.      

After months of strategic design, user interface research and development, BD&E and Southpaw proudly announce the launch of Southpaw's e-commerce website. This critical tool will be used to build the Southpaw brand and increase online sales. An intuitive interface, revitalized brand articulation and enhanced checkout process streamlined for domestic and international customers all work together beautifully in the recently launched website. 


Located in Dayton, Ohio, Southpaw is dedicated to developing and manufacturing products for use by occupational therapists.


We are pleased to note the preliminary analytics are in. All indicators show that Southpaw customers are not only more engaged, but are purchasing more products...the true test of the site's success! 

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Mad Max.

Max Flick, son #2 of BD&E President & CEO Jeff Flick, had the starring role in an art exhibit of surreal photographic imagery entitled NINELIVES by Cody Baker. The exhibit was part of the April 24th Gallery Crawl through downtown Pittsburgh sponsored by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

The event is a quarterly showcase of art and entertainment in the heart of Pittsburgh's Cultural District.

Catching Up with Bella
Therapy Dog by Proxy.

When our pet therapy dog, Bella, is unable to offer her personal support, she sends her proxy to the rescue. Baby Bella took a road trip to visit the daughter of our Digital Strategist, Aimee, to offer her therapy dog services whenever needed. She recently accompanied London to her eye doctor appointment, providing support and cuddles during the exam. London read the chart like a pro and was thrilled to have Baby Bella's "super-vision."  
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. Until then, all together everyone, think warm, spring-like thoughts!  

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