Merry Christmas from all of us at BD&E!


May your heart grow three sizes today!
While Bella's sweet heart has no more room to grow,
her message is one she'd like you to know.
Maybe you're close, or perhaps miles away.
We value your friendship, more and more, day by day.

This Christmas get out and enjoy the fresh air.
Ride a sled down a mountain, take a hike without care!
The water and land are a treasure to hold.
They are here for the young, and here for the old.

So, we're sending a gift to our friends with a cheer,
who work to preserve and keep beauty right here.
May warmth fill your home with all that is dear.
And happiness grow in your heart through the year.    

In gratitude, BD&E has made a contribution to
The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

From all of us at BD&E, may you enjoy the great outdoors this holiday season!

Brand Drives Everything
All the best,

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