Welcome to the November edition of our eNewsletter. Inside you will find BD&E happenings, ideas we would like to share and, of course, the Bella update.

A Distinctive Marketing Campaign       

Spotlight on Bethany College.      

In an ever more competitive landscape, colleges and universities strive to create innovative and effective recruitment tactics to attract students. It's a new frontier for higher-education professionals with multiple channels to connect to prospective students, but a core creative strategy remains ---- authentic, truthful and consistent brand messaging attracts and helps retain the right student. For the past decade, Bethany College has partnered with BD&E to tell its unique story and develop the brand essence of this beautiful small college of national distinction.


Most recently BD&E completed a successful direct mail campaign augmented by a new college viewbook, a multi-use recruitment video and an integrated personalized email campaign.


Additionally, as 2015 marks the 175th year for this historic liberal arts college, celebrations are being planned. Among them is the commemorative Bethany College 175-year video produced by BD&E, strategically developed to promote Alumni engagement and overall brand awareness. Happy 175th Bethany!

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Erin Falls From the Sky.

Some call her crazy, some call her brave, but we are happy to see our office administrator back on "terra firma!" On a beautiful November afternoon, Erin Kartman realized one of her lifelong dreams...the thrill of tandem skydiving! She made the 120-mph free fall attached to her instructor, Ricco; together they toured the skies for an exhilarating experience before making a smooth and safe landing back at DC Skydiving Center.


Erin says it was even more than she had hoped for, and she highly recommends it for anyone who has it on their "bucket list." Although not all of her children condoned the activity, she notched up the cool factor with her three grandchildren to "Way Awesome Super Grammy!"  


Catching Up with Bella

A Very Thankful Bird Dog.


Over the river (literally) and through the woods to Mama DiPalma's house we go! Bella is anxiously anticipating her day off to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (in her jammies) and then set out on her pilgrimage to be with her family. She loves all of the Thanksgiving traditions: watching the action in the kitchen, a romp though the leaves, sleeping through multiple football games, and wrestling with her favorite Labrador Retriever, Colt.


Of course, turkey is not part of her Thanksgiving tradition, she's more of the cranberry sauce type. In honor of the holiday, though, she wanted to share the world-famous Mama DiPalma's delicious Traditional Holiday Stuffing Recipe with you.

Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. We hope you enjoy a Thanksgiving filled with good food, family, friends and football!  
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