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More than 225 Years of Giving

Spotlight on Franklin & Marshall College.           

When Franklin & Marshall College was looking to make an impact with College Advancement efforts, BD&E was awarded the opportunity to create marketing communications materials to increase donations to the Franklin & Marshall Fund, F&M's fund for annual contributions from donors. BD&E created a complex mailing to target six unique demographic groups within the alumni base. Through a database-driven approach, BD&E was then able to personalize each form of communication to the more than 13,000 alumni. By including a compelling six-page brochure in only half of the envelopes mailed to alumni, F&M will be able to achieve a quantifiable measure of brochure effectiveness based on donation levels.  

Franklin & Marshall College is a prestigious liberal arts college located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1787, F&M was named after none other than Benjamin Franklin and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, and is home to 2,324 undergraduates. The school continually gains national acclaim through top rankings by U.S. News & World Report, Forbes and The Princeton Review.

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A favorite pastime for Kathy Kendra, Project Manager and Senior Designer, is turning wood into beautiful works of art. A block of wood is mounted on a lathe, and then turned at a high speed while using sharp turning tools to sculpt the block into the desired shape. Polishing with compounds, oils, paste and a number of buffing cloths finishes off the project.

Kathy's love of turning started when she attended a turning class at Rockler Hardware located in Pittsburgh's North Hills. Just about everything she turns is given away as gifts. Her favorite turning projects are bowls, boxes and pens. "I love how the texture and grain of wood comes to life as I turn, and becomes something much different than what I originally thought it would be."

 Catching Up with Bella
Sun. Sea. Smile!

Some might say that a dog cannot smile, but look at the evidence presented before you. Bella, photographed with her first love, the beach.

Thank you for sending your vacation ideas to Bella, she read every email carefully and she landed in Carolina Beach, NC.

Click here for a photo gallery of Bella's mantra... walk, swim, shake, roll, repeat.
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. In the meantime, enjoy the crisp autumn air and cheer on our Pittsburgh Penguins!   

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