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Seamless New Website for CP Industries         

Spotlight on CP Industries.           

For 115 years, CP Industries has been a world leader in the manufacturing of large seamless steel pressure vessels for high-pressured gases. CP Industries, based in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, began as a company with innovation at its core and has never looked back. In an effort to keep up with the marketplace and showcase technological advancements, CP Industries relied on BD&E to rebrand and redesign its company website.  

BD&E created a professional, user-friendly interface intended to extend CP Industries' reach, and to provide up-to-date information for current and potential clients. Full of valuable information on all of CP Industries' products and applications, the new website stays true to the company's mission and values, and exemplifies the overall CP Industries brand.

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Summer Intern Fun.            



BD&E welcomes Alisha Johns to our 2013 Summer Intern Program. Alisha is going into her senior year at Virginia Tech, and will graduate in December with an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management. Alisha joined team BD&E after finishing her spring semester studying abroad in Lugano, Switzerland. So far, she has participated in creative meetings, attended press checks and photo shoots, and edited content for various projects. As a student at Virginia Tech, Alisha is a member of the club tennis team and enjoys running, blogging and crafting.  

 Catching Up with Bella
Therapy Dog in Action.
At the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Bella stole the show. She was continually attracting adults and children alike with her friendly tail-wagging and kind, therapy dog demeanor. Bella also attracted quite a few former Golden Retriever owners who were particularly drawn to her because of their personal experiences with the breed.

Interestingly, Bella sensed this connection and provided an abundance of comfort and joy to those individuals still mourning the loss of their own Golden companions. Yep, Bella always manages to find a way straight into your heart!
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. In the meantime, enjoy the warmer weather, get outside and cheer on those Battlin' Bucs.
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