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Welcome to the February edition of our eNewsletter. Inside you will find BD&E happenings, ideas we would like to share and, of course, the Bella update.

Digital Materialization Lands ExOne on NASDAQ

Spotlight on ExOne.           
One of BD&E's brands is growing, and quickly. In the fall of 2011, BD&E branded ExOne with a new logo and marketing materials. On February 7, 2013, ExOne had its initial public stock offering on the NASDAQ exchange (ticker symbol: XONE), and raised $95 million in the IPO.

Digital materialization, also known as additive manufacturing, is very competitive but ExOne has not one, but two unique differentiators. Competitors' 3D printers are marketed to consumers, while ExOne targets the B2B market working with BMW, Sikorsky, Caterpillar and Ford. Also, ExOne can produce both prototypes or working parts in sand, metal and glass, while other 3D printers are limited to plastic materials or wax. Digital materialization allows parts to be created on demand eliminating the need for inventory. Offering the largest build sizes available in both sand and metal, ExOne is making patternless production a reality in a wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to energy/oil/gas/pumps and medical.

BD&E looks forward to watching ExOne continue to excel in the new age of manufacturing.

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4,200 miles from home.    

Jake Flick, eldest of the "Three Fighting Flick Brothers" and son of BD&E's CEO Jeff Flick, was the focus of a feature story in the 2013 Winter edition of Geneva Magazine. The article details how the junior mechanical engineering major landed a summer internship with New York-based ZeroPoint Clean Tech, building a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, "green" electric power generation plant at the Schwarze Pumpe power station, just miles from the Polish border in what was formerly East Germany.
 Catching up with Bella
Retriever or Snow Plow?
Ah, what does a golden retriever enjoy the most: swimming, fetching or basking? Enter your Vote!

It seems the snow is a fitting substitute for a lake or an ocean. Bella just dives right in and ends up piling the snow on her nose, just like a snow plow. This behavior is beneficial to her human, reducing the need for snow shoveling.

Check out all of her videos or click here to watch Bella frolic in the snow!  
Thanks for your time. We will catch up again next month. Until then, stay warm out there, and remember spring is so ready to spring. Go Pens!
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