Dear Friend of Urban Prep, 

Last year an Urban Prep student was shot multiple times as he left a roller-skating rink. When I visited him in the hospital, he was connected to life by tubes too numerous to count. In that moment, it seemed that this young man--in whom Urban Prep, his family, and our supporters had invested so much--would not survive. The Urban Prep motto is "We Believe" and our principle core value is Faith, but standing there looking at this child in a hospital room abandoned by hope, I stopped believing.
News of youth being gunned down in the streets of our city is commonplace. Far too often, we hear tragic tales of violence, but rarely do we hear accounts of the events that unfold in the aftermath of these violent eruptions. Who will mend the broken hearts and bodies of the families, institutions and communities left in the wake of tragedy? 

At Urban Prep, we get quite a bit of attention for our 100% college admission rate, support programs for alumni while they're in college and Fellowship program for alumni after completing college. What often goes unnoticed, however, is the far more important work we do to build a tightly-woven support network. We take very seriously our responsibility to the young men in our charge, for whom violence is a part of their daily experience. Our entire structure, including our culturally relevant curriculum, personal counseling services, daily group mentoring sessions, and unique rituals gives our students the tools they need to succeed when facing extraordinary disadvantages.

These programs are possible because of you, and we are incredibly grateful that you have made our work a priority. As 2015 comes to a close, I am asking that you continue your support by clicking here to give generously to Urban Prep's Annual Appeal. Funds raised by our Annual Appeal empower Urban Prep to be the organization that it is. Just as our students rely on Urban Prep, Urban Prep relies on you. 

A few weeks ago one of our students was invited to compete in an international wheelchair basketball tournament in Japan. It was an awesome opportunity and we were excited to see him participate. His achievement was of special significance to me because I still remember the hopelessness I felt when I saw him in a hospital bed suffering from the multiple gunshot wounds he'd received outside that roller-skating rink. Witnessing his resilient, relentless will to believe restored my own. He lost his leg during his recovery, but not his life.
I am proud--and not the least bit surprised--that it was an Urban Prep student who restored my faith. A resolve to succeed and the support of family, friends and Urban Prep carried him from a hospital bed back to school and across the ocean. That same resolve will carry him across the stage at his Urban Prep graduation and to a college campus next year. I am grateful that this young man's bulletproof spirit reminded me, reminds us all, of what happens when We Believe.

We Believe,
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Tim King
Founder & CEO
Urban Prep Academies

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