December 5, 2013

Thank You for a Memorable 2013! 

Brent Schlosstein


While Thanksgiving has always been a time to give thanks to family and friends, I've always found myself saying "thank you" in December each year. Maybe that's because of the business I'm in. Maybe it's just because December is the last month and it's when I reflect upon the year and plan for the next. Who knows! Anyway, I'd like to extend my thanks to this year's LWHRA Board members that have worked tirelessly on behalf of this great organization:


  • Jennifer Richards: I've served on the LWHRA Board with Jennifer for 5 years. She's a savvy HR professional who gave me a chance to lead. For that, I am forever grateful.
  • Nancy Kasmar: One of the smartest, most passionate people I know. Have you seen her license plate? One hard working lady! LWHRA is lucky to have her leading the way next year. Thank you Nancy.
  • Carol Brickner: I've also had the pleasure of knowing and serving with Carol for the last 5 years. She's great at asking questions others won't ask, and seems to always think ahead of the curve. Thank you Carol for your contributions to our Chapter.
  • Josh Hedrick: A huge soccer fan who loves to travel. Josh has helped grow our membership to record numbers. Thank you Josh for taking us to new heights.
  • Gayle Keenan: Gayle's helped her company grow while it has also been recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for. Not an easy task. At the same time, she's spent countless hours crafting programming that has been engaging, entertaining and educational. She's a real pro and deserves a big thank you.
  • Donna Gray: Have you heard? She's got a new job which means I'll be working even closer with her! I've appreciated Donna's contributions to the LWHRA Board over the years. She's articulate, smart and a great listener. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed! Thank you Donna.
  • Shelley Fyfe: Shelley's got a huge heart and an infectious laugh. She was perfectly suited to lead the LWHRA Scholarship Program for years and has made an outstanding contribution to the Board as Treasurer. Keep up the great work Shelley, thank you!
  • Lindy Fowler: Keeping track of our Chapter's volunteers is a bit like herding cats. You need to be organized and tuned-in to every program and activity we're involved in. I've been fortunate to see Lindy in action the past few years and she's exceptional. Our Volunteer Program has flourished and she's the reason why. Nicely done Lindy. LWHRA is a better organization because of you!
  • Jeannine Ryan: Jeannine had to resign her Board position earlier this year due to a new job that required a lot of flexibility. She directed a successful Partnership Program last year and made significant contributions to our Chapter. She was missed. Thank you Jeannine.
  • Andrew Estep: Our Executive Director, Andrew is THE main reason our Chapter is so successful. He's perceptive and insightful; knowledgeable and experienced. He keeps us striving for more while guiding us through the land minds. Without his oversight, we wouldn't be the same organization. You're the best Andrew - thank you!
  • Ann Macfarlane: What do dinosaurs and Robert's Rules have in common? Ann Macfarlane and Jurassic Parliament of course! Besides working with Andrew, Ann ensures the Board runs efficiently and accurately. A brilliant lady who keeps us on track. Thank you Ann.

It has truly been a pleasure to serve as your President this past year. LWHRA holds a special place in my heart. Thank you!



Brent Schlosstein 

December Fundraisers

Friends of Youth
Remember that LWHRA is helping Friends of Youth this holiday season. Friends of Youth positively impacts over 5,500 youth and young adults ages 6-24 and their families each year, operating facilities and programs at 20 sites in seventeen cities across the Puget Sound region.

If you can, for next week's Chapter Meeting, bring an item or two from this list and we'll get it to the Friends of Youth.

SHRM Foundation

The SHRM Foundation advances global human capital knowledge and practice by providing thought leadership, educational support, and sponsoring which drives the adoption of cutting-edge, actionable, evidence-based research.  


Over the past three years, the SHRM Foundation has awarded more than $1.8 million in grants to fund rigorous, academic research with practical implications for HR management practice. The SHRM Foundation also awards $170,000 annually in education and certification scholarships to professional and student SHRM members, and doctoral students.

To make your tax deductible contribution to the SHRM Foundation, bring your check (payable to SHRM Foundation) to the December Chapter meeting or follow this
link to complete the form.
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