August 22, 2013
2014 Symposium Keynote Speaker Announcement

If you haven't already heard, Leading the Change....Innovation is in Our Nature is next year's Symposium theme.  


Innovation can bring to mind all the latest and greatest developments in technology and the way we do business, particularly how we communicate.


As change and innovation move forward, we cannot forget the human aspect of relating to one another, which in my opinion is more fascinating than any computer will ever be.


LWHRA is excited to announce expert communicator Jan Hargrave as its keynote speaker for the 2014 Symposium.


Jan will be discussing an important and engaging topic you won't want to miss - understanding nonverbal communication.  


In a world where communication is handled by impersonal electronic devices, we are often overlooking the simplicity of what human "body language" reveals.  


Science has proven that nonverbal expressions are a truer indicator of what is being communicated, than the words themselves. 


How many times at work do you nod your head "Yes," but inside you're screaming "No!"?  


Are you aware your eyes are giving away what you really mean to say?   


Did you know standing with your arms crossed can be sending the signal you're closed off?


And how often do you send a text to the person in the next room, rather than speak in person, simply to avoid revealing your true intent?


I often wish we had text messaging devices that came with emotion detectors, because I don't think those cute little smiley faces are really that much of a help.


Working with thousands in the field of personal growth and self-expression through seminars and workshops for the past 10 years, Jan earned her Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and Specialist degree in Business/Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is presently CEO of Jan Hargrave & Associates, a Houston-based consulting firm, and served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston for eight years.


Jan has shared her expertise about body language, persuasion, and influence with popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, Health Magazine, People, Redbook and US Weekly. In addition, she's authored several books; Let Me See Your Body Talk, Freeway Of Love, Judge The Jury, Strictly Business Body Language, and Poker Face.    


Her discussion will include information such as:   

  • Make a positive impression
  • Persuade another to adopt your viewpoints
  • Detect the "micro-expressions" of deception
  • Read others - what they say, and more importantly, what they try desperately not to say
  • Identify verbal objections before they are expressed

Jan's fascinating presentation gives you the advantages you need to make in-depth character assessments, as well as an increased ability to develop ethical nonverbal behaviors in all professional relationships.  


So, bring your body, your curiosity, and your sense of humor to the 2014 Symposium. Hear what Jan has to say and how to bring back the power of "H" in the most important part of the HR body...HUMAN nonverbal communication.

We look forward to seeing all of you there!  


Monika Pabon 

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