June 14, 2013
Carol Brickner Onboarding: More Than Just Orientation
Carol Brickner, GPHR

As an HR professional, what comes to mind when you hear the word onboarding? For some, it might be the task of completing forms, giving tours, reviewing the company manual and for others, it might mean giving benefits overview, detailing the company history and giving introductions. I am sure that we can agree that onboarding can represent a number of actions for a new employee but as Jillian Douglas, guest speaker from the IdeaLearning Group presented at LWHRA's June Luncheon, onboarding includes orientation and focuses on engaging the new employee. Onboarding is a learning process that is ongoing and not just a one-time event.

According to the Learning Group, 90% of employees who join a company have made their decision as to whether or not they will stay at the company in the long term. HR plays an important role in this metric because of the ability to develop, facilitate and influence the critical stages of onboarding.

The LWHRA June luncheon was sold out because as HR professionals, you understand the criticality of impactful onboarding. So what are the essential components of an onboarding program? First, a program will have defined touch points and process owners to ensure that onboarding is a continuous learning experience for the new employee. Repeat. It is not a one- time event! Onboarding is an experience that should be informative, impressionable and impactful. This was a constant theme stressed by the Learning Group presenters. It should occur over a period of time from the first day and extending up to 90 days.

Consider the following questions as you assess your organization's program:
  • Is the new employee is actively learning and working throughout the designated onboarding process?
  • Has HR developed a program that is tailored to the function and hierarchy of the organization?
  • What are the "onboarding guides" in place that a new employee and their manager reference throughout this process?
  • Are critical milestones outlined during the process so the employee gauges progress against what they should know, do and feel as it pertains to their role and objectives? 
Onboarding is about continuing the relationship built during the recruiting stage with the new employee and sustaining a strong engaged connection to the organization that promotes fulfilled and productive employees. HR can make this happen. You can make a difference in your organization and at LWHRA, we're excited to bring you subjects that stimulate your creative thought process.

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