March 21, 2013
Chapter Meeting Spotlight  


People: Difficult or Different

George Myers
April 11, 2013

Belleuve Club, 11200 SE 6th Street


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The importance of trust and respect in the workplace is both intuitive and well researched. At a macro level, problems in this area cost companies billions of dollars annually; on a micro level it can mean the stress and challenge of working with a "difficult" person.


In this one hour session, George will present information about predictable patterns of behavior people demonstrate and why "different" does not have to be "difficult." The session provides an informative and humorous way to learn your behavior pattern and the patterns of others. By understanding these patterns you will learn how making slight adjustments in your behavior can significantly impact your ability to build trust and respect with customers and coworkers.


By the end of this session the attendee will be able to:

  1. Identify the important difference between behavior and personality
  2. Recognize four distinct ways that show up as differences in people's behavior at work
  3. Apply their awareness of behavior patterns to determine their own preference
  4. Identifying the way trust and respect impacts the perceptions you have of others through the lens of behavior patterns
  5. Understanding how to modify your behavior and make it easier to work with different behavior patterns

George Myers is a senior partner and consultant at the Effectiveness Institute in Bellevue, Washington.  His years of experience working in and with organizations along with his engaging and affable delivery style create an enjoyable and informative session.  Some of his recent client engagements include Chrysler, Michigan State University of Microsoft. 

This session has been approved for 1 General HRCI credit.

Legislative Update: What's Left on the Vine?


As the 2013 Legislative Session nears an end, deadlines start coming in rapid succession. The most recent was March 13th, in which bills had to be voted out of their originating house. In other words, if a bill was not voted off the House or Senate Floor by 5pm on Wednesday, it was sent back to Rules Committee to wait for next year. A lot of key employment bills did not survive...and a few did. Here's the breakdown:
HB 1313Statewide sick and safe leaveDead
HB 1152Meals and breaks for hospital employeesDead
HB 1440Classification of independent contractorsDead
SB 5159Repealing paid family leaveDead
SB 5292/HB 1457Implementing paid family leave with payroll tax
(both died in Committee before reaching the floor)
HB 1891Increasing employee safety requirements
HB 5211Ban on asking for social networking passwords
SB 5158Good faith defense for min wage/overtime complaints
SB 5726Limiting Seattle Sick & Safe coverage
The bills that are alive now travel to the opposite house for the same process (committee hearing, fiscal hearing, rules committee, and floor action), but this time it's even faster. Now is when the process gets really interesting: legislators and lobbyists, who are tired and cranky (really, really tired and cranky), are doubling efforts to pass, amend, or kill the remaining bills.
And we haven't even talked budget yet. Most of the energy and focus in the next few weeks will be passing the next biennial budget-no small task with a $1 billion shortfall, a Supreme Court directive to fund public education (to the tune of another billion or more), and deep disagreement in Olympia on how to do so.
If you want information on the bills listed above, go to, and click on the tab "Bill Search". I will also be providing updates on the LinkedIn legislative SIG. Want to impress your boss with how much you know about bills and budget battles that will impact your business? Join the group and join the conversation.
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