March 15, 2013
Carol BricknerDefine Your Brand, Enhance Your Career
Carol Brickner, GPHR
Quick. Describe your personal brand. If it is difficult for you to articulate it, you are not alone. When asked this question, one may find it challenging to answer in a steadfast way. Why? We don't necessarily think of ourselves as having a defined brand per se. Brands are most often associated with a product. Think Nike, Coca Cola, you get the idea. These brands conjure up many things such as a connection, like or dislike. Your professional brand should do the same. When you are thought of or referred to in the professional world, your brand stands out -or doesn't.
How do you get a brand? Creating your professional brand can be established in many ways. Some simple ways to promote your brand is at work or seeking out opportunities or building on your functional expertise so that your brand becomes established. Work and professional associations are primary sources to develop your brand. Your Lake Washington HR Association is a superb option for you to leverage as you build your brand. Let me give you an example.
Frank Gravelyn, Communications Chair, is responsible for managing LWHRA's social media presence. As a mid-career professional, Frank moved to Seattle from Michigan (we won't hold it against him) approximately 3 years ago. He barely knew a soul in Seattle but he did something smart. He identified LWHRA as an opportunity to develop his network and hone his HR functional skills. And he began to develop awareness of his expertise in social media and create a brand awareness in LWHRA as the go-to person for utilizing social media tools. Frank became focused and continuously developed social media skills that have positioned him as knowledgeable and involved. As a result, he continues to create a strong presence in the HR circles.
Frank has over two decades of professional experience but has not pushed aside the importance of developing his professional brand.
Lindsey Tripp, a new member to LWHRA, recently launched her career in human resources in the Seafood Industry. Lindsey acknowledges that to build her career and her professional brand, she will need to locate opportunities to develop her HR business competencies. She sees the value of creating an online presence and has volunteered in the Communications committee where she will help to facilitate the weekly newsletter.
Frank is a seasoned professional and Lindsey in the early stages of her career. Both are at opposite spectrums of their careers but they have one thing in common: tenacity to develop functional expertise and to develop their brand.
Tom Peters aptly stated, "We are the CEO's of our own companies".
Guess what? We have the opportunities you need - Special Interest Groups (SIGS), Symposium Program planning, HR Marketing and Mentorships, for example. LWHRA can help you create your brand foundation. Contact us at
We're anxious to help you develop your brand.
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