February 28, 2013
Carol BricknerWhat is Your Motivation?
Carol Brickner, GPHR
What is your motivation? When it comes to your career, can you find the motivation to move you forward in your career?
Motivation, derived from the word motive, focuses on the needs, wants, and desires that drives an individual to accomplish things. What is the most memorable experience you can recall in which you were highly motivated?
Although it was over 20 years ago, I recall vividly when I highly motivated to accomplish my goal: getting my first job out of college. I was called in for an interview with United Airlines, a coveted opportunity at the time, and passed the first stage of the interview process. The next interview with the hiring department was scheduled for two weeks out. The recruiter inquired if I would be interested in getting some extra income and help file hundreds of paper applications in the stock room. Okay, it wasn't glamorous work and certainly not what I had expected to do with my newly acquired college degree.
One thing was evident for me. Before going to the interview, I was firm about my motives to develop my career. I invested time into identifying my primary motivation. It was to obtain employment and work at United Airlines. The motive was clear and I became focused on this goal.
I accepted the opportunity to file applications and two weeks later, I landed a job at United in a position that helped me take off (no pun intended) in a career in Human Resources.
Motivation helped me become focused, determined and ultimately successful in my objective.  There are many different ways to become motivated in our profession. Lake Washington Human Resource Association can become the platform for your motivational endeavors. There are a plethora of opportunities to develop and hone your skills through areas such as our continuing education planning, newsletter and website communications, special interest groups, the mentor program and our 2014 LWHRA Symposium.
What are your motivational factors?  We can help you find it. Contact us at LWHRA.org.
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