Many homeowners in Bayside receive their water from a private well. This comes with a few inherent responsibilities
such as periodic testing of the well and pump maintenance. In our most recent community survey conducted in 2012, 40% of respondents said that they never test their well water and another 39% responded that they test their well water less than once per year. It is important to regularly test your well water to ensure that it is safe. Testing can be obtained by visiting the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene website or by calling 1-800-494-4324.  
Those homes that are switching to municipal water but are choosing to keep their wells also need to have their wells tested in order to obtain a well operation permit. You can read more about this permit on the Village's website
If you are interested in connecting your home to municipal water, please complete this quick online survey. This survey does not commit you to the project but is used to gauge interest. The Village will also be hosting an informational meeting at 6pm on July 25 at Village Hall. 
Do Not Solicit

Don't want individuals soliciting your home? Make sure your name is on the Village's Do Not Solicit List. You can sign up by heading to the Village's website, and filling out the Do Not Solicit form. 
Village Picnic

The annual Village Picnic will be held on Saturday, September 7 at Ellsworth Park from noon to 5:00pm. The picnic will feature activities, food, and refreshments for Bayside residents of all ages to enjoy. 

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