December 7 Issue
Property Taxes
Stormwater & Trees
Bring Your Toys
Sled Hill Ready For Action
Post Holiday Drop Off
Winter Safe

Recycling Info


We're working to recycle more in 2012.  Let's check our totals: 


12/5/12: 13.32

2012 YTD: 553.07

2011 YTD: 546.25

Thought of the Week

"No man is a failure who is enjoying life."

-- William Feather

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This Week in History

On December 7, 1941, at 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time, a Japanese dive bomber bearing the red symbol of the Rising Sun of Japan on its wings appears out of the clouds above the island of Oahu.  A swarm of 360 Japanese warplanes followed, descending on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in a ferocious assault.  The surprise attack struck a critical blow against the U.S. Pacific fleet and drew the United States irrevocably into World War II. 

Home Values & Taxes
Tax bills  for Milwaukee County are now in homes.  Ozaukee County tax bills were delayed, as there was an error with their tax software.

There have been a few questions relating to tax bills, with regard to home values and the effect on taxes.  Bayside staff can only help answer questions with regard to the Village tax levy.  As with all tax payers in Wisconsin, residents bills are made of up several taxing jurisdictions, all of which account for the overall bill.  To help better understand your tax bill, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance released a helpful example to breakdown how, and why your tax bill is calculated.  


While you'll be making your payment to the Village of Bayside, nearly 75% is then reallocated to the remaining taxing jurisdictions.  Approximately .25 of every dollar is kept to fund Village services, including:

  • Police Department;
  • Garbage, Recycling, yard waste and leaf collections;
  • North Shore Fire Department;
  • North Shore Library;
  • 911 Communications (Bayside's portion).  

If you have any questions relating to your tax bill, please contact Lynn Galyardt at Village Hall at 351-8812. 


Get Your Goodies

Residents are able to pay taxes in person at Cornerstone Community Bank, located on Port Washington Road, Fox Point.  For those who are expecting refunds from tax payments, they will be fulfilled immediately at the Bank.  Also, Cornerstone will be providing Goodie Bags for all those paying taxes at their location!  A double-win for you!  

A Clean Up Effort 

Brown Deer Road Project

Village crews continue to remove scrub growth and work on stormwater maintenance along Brown Deer Road, on the south side of the road on both the east and west side of the railroad tracks.  


The project has included the intensive cleanup 

of several years of scrub growth, dead and decaying tree limbs, buckthorn removal and more.  In addition, crews have been removing silted fill on both the east and west side of the North Shore Fire Department entrance to allow for improved stormwater infiltration and detention.  

We Energies forestry department has also been assisting, and will likely continue next week to safely remove limbs around the the power lines. They will also be working on the north side of Brown Deer Road as well. Cleanup work will continue as long as the weather allows, and landscape restoration, including new plantings will take place in the Spring of 2013.  


Our Containers Need Filling

Many of you have already taken advantage of the opportunity to bring items to be recycled at Village Hall, including:

  • CFL Light bulbs;
  • Batteries;
  • Electronics;
  • Ink Cartridges;
  • Anything that plugs in! 

Now, you can bring a seasonal item - Toys for Tots will be accepted at Village Hall as well.  Simply stop in during regular business hours to drop off any of the items listed above. 

Looking For Some Fun 

Eventually, we will have snow, and enough of it to cover the Village's sledding hill.  And with snow, means fun with your sled at utilizing the sled hill on Village grounds.  


When you do head over to use the sled hill, make sure you park at the sled hill parking lot, located off of Fairy Chasm Road, north of Village Hall. Please do not park on the north side of Village Hall, as that lot is for employees and emergency vehicle access.    


Mini Clean Up Day(s)

The Village will be holding two special drop off events for extra material accumulated during the holiday season. Residents (ID required) will be able to drop off the following items: 

  • Garbage (Bagged);
  • Recycling;
  • Yard Waste;
  • Electronics (anything that plugs in);
  • GoodWill.

Residents will be able to bring these items on Thursday, December 27 (3pm - 6pm) and Thursday, January 3, 2012 (3pm - 6pm) - using the Sled Hill parking lot.

Winter Tips  

Winter is upon us (it's cold out), and that means snow will soon follow. There are a few tips for this time of year to keep you safe, and maybe even keep a few more dollars in your pocket.   


The Environmental Protection Agency offers a list of great ideas to help keep you and your family safe in the winter, and offers a few ideas to conserve energy, reducing costs for you prolonging the life of your home appliances.