Special Edition - Memorial Day 2015







Dear Friends,

I was wondering if you could help me out.


Along with the Memorial Day Holiday comes Fleet Week in New York City. The streets and restaurants  and, I dare say, a bar or two, will be filled with Sailors and Marines enjoying a little well earned fun and frivolity. Folks, these young men and women are the best we have.


It is because of them that we are secure in all the freedoms we enjoy. We may not agree with all of the missions on which they are sent, and while we are free to argue and debate the point, they just go. 


I always enjoy this time in the city. One of my favorite things, whenever I see them gathered in a restaurant or pub, is to send over a round of drinks or a pitcher of beer or whatever they like. It is the least I can do.
Unfortunately, this year, I will be out of the city for the week. 
So, if you're around and you happen to see these fine young men and women gathered, send 'em a round for me and send me the bill.
Most of all, whenever and wherever you see them, just give them a smile or a handshake and say "thanks". It means a lot to them, I assure you.

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Look for the next issue with a explanation of Quantitative Easing, something about which you may have heard quite a bit lately.


The Holiday Weekend

The long Memorial Day weekend will soon be here and all of us here offer you best wishes and hope for a wonderful time with family and loved ones.


Enjoy the hot dogs and cold beer but please also take a moment to remember the real meaning of the day. Remember the thousands and thousands of men and women who gave their lives so that we may enjoy the greatest freedom and security of any people in the history of civilization.


I have had the great honor of meeting General Chuck Boyd (Ret.) on several occasions. Here is a brief excerpt of an address he made to a graduating class at The National Air War College:


You follow a profession that is held in high esteem by the American people - higher than any other - medicine, law, the clergy - business, education, journalism, politics. It comes to you for a combination of reasons - first and foremost for the unlimited liability clause in your professional contract. You are asked to commit everything, up to and including your life if necessary. No other profession asks that of its adherents. You sacrifice some of your civil liberties to serve, you take an obligation of obedience unlike any other profession, you do not profit - in monetary terms - from the quality of your idea and the skill of your management. 

General Boyd knows of what he speaks. He spent his life in service to this country, including SEVEN YEARS as a prisoner of war. So, enjoy the weekend doing whatever you like best, remembering, even if just briefly, those who stand watch, often thousands of miles away from THEIR loved ones, so that we may be with ours.
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