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Committee Week

Oct. 20-25
 Jacksonville, FL

Nov. 10-15  
Jacksonville, FL


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Sustainability Standards and Methods: State of the Union
Oct. 21, Jacksonville, FL

Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems: Translating Basic Science into Products
Oct. 22-24, Jacksonville, FL

Antimicrobial Copper
Oct. 23,
Jacksonville, FL

Next-Generation Thermal Insulation Challenges and Opportunities
Oct. 23-24,
Jacksonville, FL

State of Science and Best Practice in Mold Assessment, Sampling and Analysis 
Oct. 24, Jacksonville, FL

State of Science and Best Practice in Mold Assessment, Sampling and Analysis 
Oct. 24, Jacksonville, FL

Modularity and Tapers in Total Joint Replacement Devices
Nov. 12, Jacksonville, FL

Fatigue and Fracture Devices
Nov. 13-15, Jacksonville, FL

Aerospace and Aircraft, Transparent Enclosures
Nov. 13, Jacksonville, FL

Aerospace and Aircraft, Hydrogen Embrittlement
Nov. 14, Jacksonville, FL

Training Courses

Aviation Fuels
Oct. 8-10, Portland, OR

Coal Chemistry Technician Training
Oct. 9-10, ASTM HQ

Corrosion Testing
Nov. 19-20, Chicago, IL

Crude Oil
Oct. 21-23, Dallas, TX

Diesel Fuels
Oct. 22-24, Denver, CO

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems 
Oct. 8-9, San Diego, CA
Nov. 12-13, Cocoa Beach, FL

Oct. 8-9, Denver, CO
Oct. 22-23, Chicago, IL    
Nov. 12-13, San Diego, CA
Dec. 13-14, Las Vegas, NV   

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment Processes
Oct. 1-3, San Antonio, TX
Oct. 22-24, Hollywood, FL
Nov. 5-7, Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 19-21, Columbus, OH

Property Condition Assessments
Oct. 1-2, Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 12-13, San Diego, CA

Risk-Based Corrective Action at Petroleum Release Sites
Oct. 8-9, Lansing, MI

Rubber Testing
Oct. 2-3, Akron, OH

Statistics in ASTM Test Method Development, Application and Quality Assurance
Oct. 16-17, ASTM HQ

Testing Techniques for Plastics
Oct. 29-31, Tampa, FL  
Vapor Encroachment Onto Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions
Oct. 29, Chicago, IL
Nov. 14, San Diego, CA

Several courses available onsite, including:

Light Sport Aircraft



HEADLINES...This month's top stories 
F15 Subcommittee Receives CPSC Award for Toy Safety Standard
Subcommittee F5.22 on Toy Safety, part of Committee F15 on Consumer Products, received the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's 2013 Chairman's Circle of Commendation Award in Bethesda, Md., on Sept. 25. The award recognizes significant, lifesaving contributions to consumer product safety. F15.22 was recognized for its development and ongoing maintenance of ASTM F963, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety. The standard, first published in 1986 and frequently revised since then to stay current, establishes nationally recognized safety requirements for toys intended for use by children under 14 years of age. The members of Subcommittee F15.22 monitor injury reports and work closely with the CPSC and other key industry organizations and stakeholders to identify potential new hazards and issue revisions to the standard when necessary. [Full Story] 
ASTM Project Grant Deadline is Oct. 31
ASTM International offers a limited number of $500 grants to graduate or senior level university students to help with student design projects that contain an ASTM standards component. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 31. Visit the ASTM student website for instructions and application forms. 
New ASTM Portals Offer Tailored Instant Access 
New ASTM Web Portals provide access to ASTM content in one platform, including standards, training, engineering publications, translations and more. When you build a subscription, your entire staff can instantly connect to the ASTM informational materials they need. Special portal features include tools for adding notes, images and attachments for sharing with your staff; color-coded highlighting that identifies changes to standards; translated standards; and access to the thousands of papers and books in the ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library. Visit today. See the latest issue of Standardization News for more information about all of the portal features. To order today, contact [Full Story] 
Nominations for 2014 ASTM International Board of Directors
ASTM International has announced the candidates selected by the Society's Nominating Committee to serve on the 2014 board of directors. They are: chairman of the board (one-year term), vice chairman (two-year term), and six directors (three-year terms). View the biographies of the nominees here. An email with a link to the online ballot will be sent to all ASTM members in early September. To request a hard copy of the ballot, contact Maureen Houck ( The deadline for receipt of all ballots is Dec. 6.  
Free Virtual Classroom for Members 
ASTM offers free one-hour online training courses for members. Upcoming courses include New Member Orientation and Training (Oct. 16, Nov. 19) and Roster Maintenance Training (Oct. 8). On-Demand tutorials available include Strategic Planning and New Activity Development, Electronic Balloting and more. See full list at  
COMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees


Automotive Engine Fuel

Committee D02's new standard establishes performance requirements for butanol for use as automotive spark-ignition engine fuel. [Full Story] 

Surgical Materials

All interested parties are welcome to join in the development of a proposed Committee F04 standard that will provide guidance on how to conduct axial, bending and torsional fatigue testing of stents. [Full Story] 

Additive Manufacturing 

Committee F42 is developing a standard that will serve as a guide to determine specific mechanical properties of additive manufactured parts. [Full Story] 

Workplace Electrical Safety    

A new Committee F18 standard will be used to determine the arc rating of hand protective products such as gloves, glove materials or other hand protective products intended for electric arch flash protection. [Full Story]  

Magnetic Properties

Committee A06's new standard covers thin steel laminations used to increase the energy efficiency of many high performance motors and generators, including those in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles and contemporary aircraft. [Full Story] 

Sustainable Laundry

A new Committee D13 standard defines sustainable laundry best management practices that are used by commercial laundry facilities to reduce their impact on the environment. [Full Story]

Roller-Compacted Concrete

Committee C09 is working on three proposed standards for roller-compacted concrete, which is used in a variety of heavy-duty applications at logging yards, loading docks, intermodal port facilities, large parking areas and dams[Full Story] 

GLOBAL NOTES  . . . ASTM Around the World  

SINOPEC Energy of China Attends Training at ASTM Headquarters
ASTM International's Global Cooperation division provided an intensive training program for a group from SINOPEC Energy of China from Sept. 9-13 at ASTM headquarters. SINOPEC, the main oil and gas provider in China, requested the training to learn more about ASTM processes and standards development related to energy. Presented by ASTM staff, the program's primary focus was oil standards development and the work of ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants as well as ASTM products and processes. Other topics included aromatic hydrocarbons and plastics. The group also participated in off-site visits to Waste Management Inc. and Intertek Testing Service in Philadelphia, Pa., as well as the Center for Sustainable Energy at Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.  

Representatives from Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt and the Philippines in Standards Expert Program            
Experts from the national standards bodies of Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt and the Philippines will visit ASTM headquarters from Oct. 28 to Nov. 20 as part of the Standards Expert Program. The Standards Expert Program (SEP) is a key benefit offered to MOU signatories in which ASTM offers to host standards experts for a one-month period at ASTM headquarters. During their visit, the participants learn about ASTM International and its standards development process, attend a committee week, visit U.S. federal government agencies and U.S.-based standards development organizations in Washington, D.C., and share information about their work and their home organizations. Click here for more on the SEP program and to see past participants. 

DID YOU KNOW? . . . World Standards Day - Standards at Work and Play                

ASTM International will once again participate in events during World Standards Week, which will be celebrated Sept. 30 through Oct. 4 in Washington, D.C. Hosted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), World Standards Week is an annual event where standards and conformity professionals come together in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Events include the U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day on Oct. 3 with the theme, "Standards for a World at Work and Play." This theme focuses on the important role of standards for business, governments and consumers, and how they affect groups across the board, including manufacturers, retailers and families. ASTM standards and related technical products promote health and safety in all of these areas, making the world a safer place and helping developing nations compete in the global market. This includes standards for toys, sports, amusement rides, baby and children's productsoccupational health and safetyprotective clothing, building constructionmedical products, fire safety and so much more. The goal of World Standards Day is to raise awareness of the importance of global standardization to the world economy and to promote its role in helping meet the needs of business, industry, government and consumers worldwide. For more information, visit  

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Today, some 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer confidence.

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