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STP 1547, Effects of Radiation on Nuclear Materials  


STP 1551, Pervious Concrete        



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Committee Week

 April Committee Week    

April 14-19, Indianapolis, IN

 May Committee Week     

May 19-24, Indianapolis, IN


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Symposia and Workshops    

Training Courses

Aviation Fuels
March 19-21, Denver, CO

Coal Chemistry Technician Training
May 20-21, Indianapolis, IN

Corrosion Testing
March 26-27, Akron, OH
May 14-15, ASTM HQ

Crude Oil
April 22-24, San Antonio, TX

Diesel Fuels
April 2-4, Houston, TX
April 30-May 2, Newark, NJ

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
May 7-8, Houston, TX

May 14-16, New Orleans, LA

Marine Fuels
May 7-9, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for Commercial Real Estate
April 9-10, Scottsdale, AZ
April 23-24, Los Angeles, CA
May 7-8, Atlanta, GA
May 21-22, New Orleans, LA 

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment Processes
March 19-21, ASTM HQ
April 16-18, Atlanta, GA
May 7-9, Baltimore, MD
May 21-23, Denver, CO

Plastics Testing Techniques
April 30-May 2, San Diego, CA

Property Condition Assessments
May 14-15, Baltimore, MD

Risk-Based Corrective Action at Petroleum Release Sites
May 14-15, Lansing, MI

Statistics in ASTM Test Method Development, Application and Quality Assurance
May 22-23, ASTM HQ 

Standards for Light Aircraft
March 20-21, Prague, Czech Republic

Testing for Plastics
April 30-May 2, San Diego, CA

Vapor Encroachment Onto Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions
April 11, Scottsdale, AZ
May 14, Atlanta, GA

ASTM Training Catalog

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Online training courses in Spanish are available at EnginZone.

Inspeccion de Recubrimientos de Proteccion
April 24-26, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Selecciion y Especificacion de Recubrimientos de Proteccion
May 7-9, Bogota, Colombia 







HEADLINES...This month's top stories

ASTM International Opens Office in Brussels
ASTM International has opened a new Office of European Affairs in Brussels, Belgium. The primary function of the office is to engage in outreach activities that raise greater awareness of ASTM among European institutions, business and trade associations, environmental and consumer groups, and other significant European stakeholders. ASTM International's presence in Europe is broad, with members and customers in every member country. European members are increasingly engaged in the leadership of ASTM technical committees that develop international standards. Sara Gobbi, an attorney and former standardization project manager at NORMAPME, the European Office of Crafts, Trades and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises for Standardization, will serve as ASTM's director of European affairs in the new office. [Full Story]  
ASTM Participates in Aerospace Alternative Fuels Symposium
ASTM International is pleased to be a cooperating organization of the SAE 2013 Aerospace Alternative Fuels and Associated Environmental Impacts Symposium, organized by SAE International. Aerospace experts from around the world will gather in Brussels, Belgium, June 13-14 to map out the progress and define the future of alternative fuels - the technologies and available options, the feasibility of production, and the economic factors and impacts. ASTM is a member of the organizing committee to provide input and recommendations on the agenda as well as speakers and the participation of related ASTM technical committee stakeholders. ASTM members are eligible to receive the SAE member discount rate when registering to attend this conference. Visit the SAE website for additional information and to register.  
ASTM Seeks Papers for New Materials Journals  
ASTM is seeking original technical papers, review papers and technical notes for its two new online journals, Advances in Civil Engineering Materials (ACEM) and Materials Performance and Characterization (MPC). For more information about each journal's scope, editorial board and subscription options, visit
ASTM Graduate Scholarship
ASTM Annual Business Meeting Will Be Held in May
The 2013 ASTM Annual Business Meeting will be held at the Members Breakfast on Wednesday, May 22, during the ASTM May Committee Week meetings in Indianapolis, Ind. The complimentary breakfast begins at 7 a.m. at the JW Marriott Hotel. For further information, contact Maureen Houck. 
Free Virtual Classroom for Members 
ASTM offers free one-hour online training courses for members. Upcoming courses include New Member Orientation and Training (March 6, March 13), Balloting and Handling Negative Votes (March 28), Responsibilities for Task Group Chairs and Technical Contacts (April 3), Developing and Revising an ASTM Standard (April 4), Interlaboratory Studies Program (April 10)Roster Maintenance Training (April 22), WebEx Training (April 23), and Training on ASTM Online Tools (April 25). View the full list of courses at       
. . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees


Hydraulic Fracturing 

A diverse cross-section of stakeholders attended the first meeting of the new D18.26 on Hydraulic Fracturing, and the committee has posted the presentations and meeting minutes online. [Full Story]

Stormwater Hydrodynamic Systems 

Committee C27 is developing a standard that will be used to specify test material with a common target particle size distribution for use in testing stormwater hydrodynamic systems. [Full Story]

Aerial Adventure Courses 

Committee F24's new standard covers requirements for aerial adventure courses such as zip lining, ropes courses, challenge courses, aerial trekking courses and canopy tours. [Full Story] 
Light Sport Aircraft

A new Committee F37 standard sets quality requirements for the manufacture, documentation and records retention for light sport aircraft designed to ASTM consensus standards. [Full Story] 
Recycled Resins

A proposed Committee F17 standard will provide assurance regarding the quality of high-density polyethylene corrugated pipe using recycled resins. [Full Story]  

Asphalt Adhesives 

A proposed Committee D08 standard will reflect recent technological advances for asphalt adhesives. [Full Story]   

Concrete Resistivity   

Committee C09 is developing a standard that will be used to quantify the resistivity of concreting materials that are widely used for construction around the world. [Full Story]  


Textile Wear Tests   

All interested parties are invited to join in the ongoing development of Committee D13's standard guide for conducting wear tests on textiles.  
[Full Story]

Nanoparticle Measurement   

Two new standards developed by Committee E56 will assist a variety of users in aspects of nanomaterial measurement. [Full Story]

Prestressing Concrete   

Committee A01 has developed a standard for quantifying the bond performance of prestressing steel wire strand, which is commonly used in prestressing concrete technology. [Full Story]

Land Drainage   

A new Committee F17 specification fills a need for a standard covering strong plastic piping systems that can be used in the harsh environment of underground mine leachate systems. [Full Story]

Energy Piping Systems   

A new F17 subcommittee has been created to ensure the development of appropriate ASTM standards for products related to energy source applications.  [Full Story]  

Stainless Steel Bolting

Bolting used in the oil and gas industries for offshore drilling platforms, sour gas service, in expanders and compressors in pipeline service, in power generation facilities, and in heat exchanger and cryogenic applications is now covered by a new Committee A01 standard. [Full Story]  

Steel Strapping for Packaging 

All interested parties are welcome to join in the ongoing revisions of Committee D10's standard on strapping, flat steels and seals, which are widely used in the lumber, metals and paper industries. [Full Story]     


Military Sampling 
Committee E11 has approved the last in a series of ASTM standards that preserve military sampling standards that were originally under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Defense. [Full Story] 
Mine Heap Leaching 
A new Committee F17 standard covers corrugated polyethylene pipe and fittings for mine heap aeration applications. [Full Story] 

Skid Resistance 
A test described in a proposed new Committee E17 standard will be used primarily by highway authorities to evaluate wet road skidding resistance as a means of reducing the number of automobile accidents. [Full Story] 

Gas Pipe Contamination 
All interested parties, particularly those involved with utilities, are encouraged to participate in the development of a new Committee F17 standard on the prevention of contamination in plastic gas pipe. [Full Story]

Committee E55 is developing a proposed standard that will document a set of  steps that can reproducibly inactivate or remove any potential retrovirus in new biological products. [Full Story]  


GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM Around the World    

New MOU Agreement with Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards          
ASTM International has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards (ABBS). ABBS is a statutory body established to promote and encourage the maintenance of mandatory and voluntary standards in relation to goods, processes and practices in Antigua and Barbuda. The MOU program is designed to encourage, increase and facilitate the participation of technical experts from around the world in the ASTM standards development process. Through MOU agreements, global national standards bodies reference, adopt, or use ASTM standards as the basis of their national standards for infrastructure, energy, health and safety, petroleum, the environment and more. ASTM has signed 79 MOUs with national or regional standards bodies. Click here to learn more.   

ASTM Renews Agreement with FiiDEM         
ASTM International recently renewed the annual agreement for continued collaboration with the Alliance for the Formation and Investigation of Infrastructure for the Development of Mexico (Alianza FiiDEM). FiiDEM is a non-profit civil organization comprising representatives from government, industry, professional associations and higher education institutions who aim to innovate and strengthen the infrastructure sector in Mexico. The ASTM-FiiDEM partnership has resulted in broader recognition of ASTM and its work through regular updates in FiiDEM's newsletter, increased opportunities to engage technical experts through workshops and virtual sessions, and more effective academic outreach.

ASTM Speaks at Standards Event in Ireland          
ASTM International President James A. Thomas attended the ANSI-European Standardization Organization Joint Presidents' Group Event held Feb. 12 in conjunction with the National Standards Authority of Ireland at the Royal College of Surgeons, in Dublin, Ireland. At the event, Thomas delivered a presentation on the benefits of standards to small and medium enterprises and how to successfully engage SMEs in the standardization process. The event also featured a conference on Bilateral (EU-USA) Standards Research, Development and Innovation.


DID YOU KNOW? . . . Recognizing Librarians                   

ASTM International has launched the 2013 Recognizing Librarians Campaign to honor and recognize academic librarians and research specialists who advance the educational missions of their institutions and introduce innovative ways to meet the needs of the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines.
Academic librarians decide which resources and content to have on hand in their library systems, and the best ways to access and deliver that content, providing service to communities of students, professors, researchers and more. Highlights of this year's Recognizing Librarians campaign include promotional materials and user resources to help librarians increase awareness of the available products and services that provide access to ASTM standards and publications on campus, and the ASTM/ASEE Librarian Award, which recognizes work that has contributed to the advancement and development of excellence in engineering libraries in a given year. See the article in this month's Standardization News for more info.   

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