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Sewing MythBuster #14
Un-threading your machine improperly or Never re-thread your machine again.

Here is a sewing tip (myth) I came across this week.
"Did you know that the proper way to un-thread your machine is to clip the thread at the spool and then pull the cut thread from the needle end instead of just pulling it all through the machine when you take the spool off? Doing it the wrong way can mess up your tension disks on your machine."

That tip is misguided on two levels:
1. If the foot is up when pulling thread out of the machine the tension discs are not engaged so it is very unlikely you could do any harm at all. If the foot is down the thread should not be pulled up or down!

2. It's not necessary to pull the thread out in either direction. When ready to change thread::start with the foot up, simply clip the thread near the spool and replace the spool with the new thread. Now tie the new thread to the old thread with a square knot. With the foot still in the up position, pull the old thread from behind the needle until the knot goes through the eye of the needle. Sometimes you may need to lift the thread up level with the eye (front and back) to encourage it through but usually it slides through easily. 

Note: If you are using a needle size10/70 or smaller the knot may not clear the eye. In this case you just pull the thread until the knot is near the needle, clip the knot and re-thread the needle with the new thread.

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