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Welcome New Members!   
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Teen Tech Camp
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Robotics and Legos Groups
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Membership_NewsMembership News
by Jim Sanders
New Members!

Membership is excited to welcome new members to SIM Memphis. We all look forward to getting to know you and seeing you often!

Govan Hornor
Chief Information Officer
Ducks Unlimited

Govan Hornor joined Ducks Unlimited Inc. staff as Chief Information Officer in May of 2014.  He is currently leading a comprehensive overhaul of DU's IT systems and infrastructure.  During his career, he spent over 27 years at FedEx, where he helped lead the company's technology solutions across all areas of its business. Hornor's positions at FedEx included: Vice President of IT Operations, Managing Director of IT Operations, and Manager for Enterprise Data Warehouse Application Development.  Most recently, he served as Chief Information Officer for Distributors Corporation of America. 

Hornor is also a member of the Arkansas Academy of Computing, an honorary academy associated with the University of Arkansas. The academy recognizes significant contributions to the computing profession in Arkansas.  He was raised on the banks of the Mississippi river in Helena, Arkansas and is a long-time Memphis resident. Hornor graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BA degree in Business Data Processing.  Govan is married to Susan (36 years) and has two adult children and three grand-children.

MemberinNewsMembers in the News!

Jason Landrum
Chief Information Officer
Sedgwick CMS

On June 29, our own Jason Landrum was recognized along with several other CIOs by the Info-Tech Research Group in their annual Leadership Awards. The award winners were determined through Business Vision, an IT stakeholder satisfaction survey that helps CIOs understand the needs of their key business stakeholders. Business Vision approaches IT with a powerful methodology using unbiased data and in-depth analysis through a formalized feedback system. The program provides IT leaders with insights needed to implement a successful IT strategy. Using concrete evidence from Business Vision, Info-Tech's CIO Leadership Awards celebrate IT leaders who receive the highest satisfaction scores. The 2016 Awards include repeat wines who have leveraged insights from previous years and seen up to a 20% increase in IT satisfaction.

Congratulations, Jason, on receiving this honor.

OutreachCommunity Outreach
by Ed Charbonnet and  David Ulloa
Check out the local outreach activities on our SIM Website!


A successful Teen Tech Camp (TTC) was held the week of July 18th for both Horn Lake and Memphis.

From Jessica R Chaney at the Memphis Library CLOUD901 staff: "Parents and supporters of the Teen Tech camp came into CLOUD901 and the teens from the camp presented the projects they have been working on this past week. The teens presented games that they created with Arduinos-an open source computer hardware- and MaKey-MaKey's,along with other cool tech that was presented to them."



From P. Carson Culver at the M. R. Dye Public Library for Horn Lake: "At the Chamber meeting this morning I ran into parents of 2 campers.  Both said their teens could not stop talking about Camp - how much they learned, friends made and experimenting with technologies learned.  It's a success!" 


All of the high schools are starting their off season robotics preparation.  Competition rules are announced in early January for March and April competitions.  Want to get involved?  Talk to our Outreach committee! 

Boys and Girls Clubs of Memphis - The Bernal Smith and Ira Samelson programs got started in early September and all is going well. This year the young ladies are roughly 50% of the participants.

by Ahmed Esmail

Programs in Review 
July Program - 2016 Strategy Series Program Planning Kick-off

Each year, we engage YOU to help shape the program and our July program was focused on just that. At the meeting, we had discussed:
  • Potential topics and recommendations for speakers and panelists
  • Conversations around what constitutes great leadership programming for an event of this caliber
  • Engagement with our sponsors
While the Strategy Series at its core is designed to develop leadership skills and is open to all, this event in so many ways is like an annual meeting for the Memphis chapter.

August Program - Virtual Reality - When Will It Be a Reality?

With the introduction of low cost technologies like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, virtual reality (VR) technology is finally readily available to the public.   The main focus of this SIM meeting was to understand this new technology and hypothesize how it might change our lives.  In this talk, we looked at how VR is well poised to make a huge impact on the gaming industry but we'll also talk about how it might be used in other areas such as at work or for educational purposes. We will exposed some of the major limitations of current technology and also highlight some of the state-of-the-art research in this area.   Students helped members with live VR demonstrations.

Dr. Betsy Sanders
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

SeptStratSeptember Program - 30th Annual Strategy Series for Executives 

There was a great turnout for Strategy Series this year.  Extra tables were added to the back of the room to accommodate all of the attendees. 

Daren Martin, PhD and author of A Company of Owners - Maximizing Employee Engagement and Whiteboard - Business Models that Inspire Action was the morning keynote speaker and he involved the crowd in a discussion on employee engagement and how to turn employees into company owners.  He touched on Company Culture Killers and how to Act Like an Owner.   

Dr. Daren Martin gets the crowd engaged!

Breakout and panel discussions included:
  • Memphis Zone Regional Economic Overview
  • Challenges of Innovation
  • Disasters - A Need for Three-Dimensional Thinking
  • Performance Enhancements in a World of Extreme Data Growth
  • Changes in the Threat Landscape and How the Industry can Take a Different Approach to Incident Response
  • Enabling and Leading in an Analytics Driven Organization
  • Strategy in Information Technology
  • The Case of Arista Network Devices
  • Datacenter Virtualization and Management
  • How to be Relevant and Heard
  • ERP Savings, Support & Strategy -How Lifeway Accomplished All Three
  • Social Engineering
  • Wearable Devices: Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K)
  • Cybersecurity: Build CEO, Executive and Audit Committee Confidence, Knowledge and Support
  • Large Capital Project Deployments - A Success Story
  • The Evolution of IT Resilience: Moving Beyond Traditional BC/DR
Richard Picciotto, Chief and Highest Ranking Firefighter to Survive the World Trade Center Collapse, FDNY was the afternoon keynote speaker.  He modeled his presentation after his book Last Man Down and offered tribute to the lives that were lost on September 11, 2001.  His story compelled  inspiration to the attendees but also guests from our local and surrounding area fire department representatives.

Surrounding area fire department leaders meet Richard Picciotto

Check Awarded to Memphis Business Academy
As part of SIM's continued support to outreach that builds STEM capabilities in students, a check for $5000 was awarded to the Memphis Business Academy.

Special Updates
by Debbie Smith & Jim Sanders

 Nominations for the 2017 SIM Board

If you have anyone that you would like to nominate for the 2017 SIM Board, please contact Tony Fischer.

EdEd Charbonnet Named SIM Memphis Member of the Year
Born and raised in New Orleans, living in Memphis since 1975 has been a member of the SIM Memphis chapter for nearly 20 years. During the last 10+ years, Ed has been deeply involved with the Community Outreach committee participating in the Tech Teen Camp (TTC) program.
In 2006, Ed and his older son, built a fully "Home-Made hovercraft) out of spare parts from a grass-cutter. The vehicle was presented to the campers in the BSO (Bright Shining Objects) segment to encourage and motivate kids to be creative.
In 2011, Ed helped improving the "JumpStart" segment, which is presented in every TTC during the first hour of the camp each day. The "JumpStart" is an hour long segment where SIM Chapter Members participate in acclaiming teens into how IT is everywhere by presenting in simple words and examples how a "Order-Invoice" process works. Ed created an application system that kids use during the segments to get some hands-on in real-world examples of how technology works.
In 2012, Ed became one of the main leaders for the TTC; in cooperation with other SIM Memphis Chapter members, Ed created a program called "Build-A-Computer" which basically consisted helping and instructing young kids on how to build a computer, "Computer-In-A-Box", this has significantly impact STEM visibility among girls as the program is being presented over the lasts years on schools for girls to motivate more female involvement in the Information Technology realm.
In 2014, Ed became involved with the Boy & Girls Club of Greater Memphis (BGCM)where he is involve with the Lego Robot program. In early 2016, Ed received a recognition from the BGCM that read like this: (no changes have been
Ed became involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis late in 2014 through his leadership in SIM - Society of Information Managers - Outreach Committee and via ProTect. Fourteen months ago Ed had never worked with a Lego Robot but with assistance from the First Lego League here in town and YouTube videos he developed the Robotics Program for BGCM. In Addition to the mentoring of Lego robotics at the Samelson Club on Tuesdays and Bernal Smith on Thursdays, Ed also mentors a high school robotics program at White Station High School where they compete in regional competitions. In each of these programs Ed has also included some experimentation in basic electronics.
As mentioned on the previous quote, another area Ed is heavily involve is in robotics, Ed participates on behalf of the SIM Memphis Chapter in the First US Robotics, his participation let some of the local schools activities to be seen by FedEx which has been directly sponsoring the Memphis teams for a couple years now.
Ed is tightly involved in SIM business with the local schools and libraries bringing focus on SIM's participation in the community and thus raising the region community awareness of who, what and how SIM is involved in the community.
Next Program

November 3, 2016 
Working with Software Defined Network
Watch your email for registration details!  

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