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The Quarterly Newsletter provides an overview of SIM Memphis Chapter news, upcoming meetings, events, and location community outreach programs.
Executive Summary
Membership News
Welcome New Members!   
The chapter welcomes both new and returning members.....more>>

Members In The News
Della Adams featured ...more>>
Community Outreach
SIM BGCM BOTS and more
Introducing students to more than Legos!  ...more>>
High School Robotics
Working with Memphis Business Academy  ...more>> 

School Outreach
Working with Granville T Wood Academy ...more>> 
Programs in Review
A Recap of Q4 Programs ...more>> 
Special Updates
Announcement of 2016 Board
See announcement of the 2016 board and a message from the new president ...more>>

SIM IT Trends Study
See study presented at SIMposium 2015 ...more>>

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Membership_NewsMembership News
by Susan Caldwell
New Members!

Membership is excited to welcome new members to SIM Memphis. We all look forward to getting to know you and seeing you often!

Steve Crocker
Director Information Security
Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
Steve Crocker is the Director of Information Security for Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare. In this role, he is responsible for the development, implementation, and enforcement of information security policies, procedures, strategy, and technical systems in order to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all of Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare's electronic healthcare information systems. Prior to joining Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare in October 2015, Steve served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Magna Bank where he was responsible for all technology strategy and governance. He has over 20 years of technology and leadership experience, including an extensive technical consulting background where he worked with industries such as financial services, manufacturing, hospitality, and the military. He holds numerous certifications including CISSP, PMP, and CEH. He is active in several professional and charitable organizations.

James Hanauer
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Mark Holley
Enterprise Architect
Thomas & Betts

Mark Hohnadel
Program Management Lead
Thomas & Betts
Mark is a technology and management professional with more than fifteen years of technology management, coupled with eight years of operational management experience. He came to Thomas & Betts in May and is responsible for establishing and managing a project/portfolio management governance framework and process as well as developing strategies to deliver value and capabilities for the organization. In addition, he is developing governance and management systems for project finance and resource management as well as for the Office of the CIO function.

David Ritter
Manager of Information Technology
Memphis International Airport
David is currently the Manager of Information Technology at the Memphis International Airport. He spent most of his career in network engineering or consulting roles, joined the Airport as a network engineer in 2013 and accepted the role of Manager in 2014. David's SIM sponsorship comes thru Jarrett Morgan, the Director of Information Technology at the Memphis International Airport. In David's 35 year career, he has held positions at Holiday Inns Inc., Motorola Information Systems Group, LANtech, 3Com, Cisco Systems, and CNT. While at LANtech David received the"Flying Goose Award" for outstanding leadership and teamwork, at Motorola the "Honors Club"and the "Presidents Club" for outstanding customer service, and won "Application Engineer of the Year" for outstanding pre-sales engineering and support.


What a nice surprise to open the November issue of Memphis Health & Fitness and see fellow member, Della Adams! Della was featured for "Living Exceedingly Better with Type-2 Diabetes". Read the entire article on the Memphis Health & Fitness website, November issue, page 25, and be inspired!

OutreachCommunity Outreach
by Ed Charbonnet

Besides Lego Robots the students have also been introduced to electricity and electronics. Using a simple experimenters kit they have experimented with sound generation, transmitters, digital counters, transistors, motors, lights, resistors, coils and capacitor.
In the Lego robotics, they have programmed robots to use their "touch sensor" to detect when the bot hits an object and then had the program make the bot backup and turn to a different heading. Then they took this same program and switched out the "touch sensor" and replaced it with the "sonar sensor" so that now the bot detected proximity to an object and avoided the collision.
The sessions started with simple programming to learn how to make the bots move forward, backward and turn. Then they learned how to make the bots pick up an object, carry it to a designated spot and let go of it. Once they had mastered these simple steps, they programmed the bots to maneuver around a table, and then follow a black line drawn on a large sheet of paper and then follow a wall (keep a fixed distance no matter how the wall shape changed as the bot moved). And lastly they programmed the bot to distinguish colors and to react differently as it saw different colors. They seem to very much enjoy seeing the bots perform according to the instructions they put into the bots brain.
Besides the programs at White Station and Collierville High Schools, we have also been assisting the charter school MBA - Memphis Business Academy. They have an impressive program with some very excellent student leaders. See their website at


SIM also has volunteers helping the Granville T. Wood Academy of Innovation to set up its new infrastructure and there appear to be more volunteer opportunities coming in the near future. See their website at

by Ahmed Esmail

Programs in Review 
October Program - Social Engineering
Wendy Sanderson, Manager of Information Safeguards at International Paper, gave SIM members real world experience on how Social Engineering plays a vital role the overall corporate security plan. She gave us specific strategies on how to train and test employee's awareness of different types of attacks.


November Program - Tour Around Memphis' Next Generation of Talent
SIM members were treated to a VIP limo ride around three locations that host the future talent of this city. First stop was showing SIM members the return on investment with a tour of Cloud901 Public Library project. The Cloud901 project features an Audio & Video Production Lab, Play Café, Collaboration Zone, Brainstorming Zone, Homework Central, Lounge, Makerspace, Gallery, Gaming Zone, Performance Stage, Art Studio, Dream Catcher Space, Dream Store, Hi Tech Tree House, and SIM Memphis' very own sponsored Gadget Garage.              
Our second stop was at Emerge Memphis, We were able to see the future entrepreneur stars. These start-up companies had an opportunity to display some of their latest inovations.
Last stop was a social event with the next generation of talent at the University of Memphis. Students had the opportunity to ask SIM members specific questions about working in the field and how to succeed. Students also had the opportunity to network with SIM members and leave lasting impressions.
December Program - SIM Holiday Party
What a great way to end the year with a bash at Elvis Presley's home. The spirit of the king surrounded us in every room with great photos of the king himself. We were entertained by the amazing performance of Pat Register. A special thanks to Bob Johnson and Rhodes College for providing the best venue to have a party.



Special Updates

Memphis SIM 2016 Leadership Board
I am pleased to announce the election of the 2016 SIM Memphis Chapter Board of Directors.  I look forward to serving with each of these very talented individuals to address the opportunities that are presented to us in the upcoming year. 
I would like to express thanks to those board members who are rolling off this year for their hard work and dedication over the past few years.  Also, I would like to thank the newly elected board members for their willingness to sacrifice their time and energy in an effort to better our organization! Please join me in congratulating our newly elected board members, and thanking our former board  members for a job well done!

Jarrett Morgan, President
2016 Board of Directors
Jarrett Morgan - President
Tony Fischer - Vice President
Dennis Norton - Treasurer
Michael Boyd - Governance Chair
Josh Siddon - Strategy Series Chair
Joe Sanders - Strategy Series Co-chair
Jim Sanders - Membership Chair
Mason Rotelli - Membership Co-chair
Ahmed Esmail - Programs Chair
Joe Cutrell - Programs Co-chair
Ed Charbonnet - Community Outreach Chair
David Ulloa - Community Outreach Co-chair
Debbie Smith - Marketing Chair
Rob Stalder - Marketing Co-chair
Michael Jones - Immediate Past President
Click HERE to learn more about each board member.
SIM IT Trends Study
This is the slidedeck from the Society for Information Management's (SIM's) SIMposium 2015 by Leon Kappelman, Professor of Information Studies at College of Business, UNT


Next Program

January 7, 2015  

Compliance - the Legal & Financial Impact

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Tony Fischer



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Jim Sanders

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Michael Boyd


Michael Jones

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