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After receiving grants in October from Partners in Research, a philanthropic endeavor that allows community members to support biomedical research, three Georgetown scientists shared updates on their work.  

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Men are most frequently affected by prostate, lung and colorectal cancers, but they should also be concerned about melanoma, Michael Atkins, MD, told attendees at the 16th annual Men's Event.

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Byron Jasper, MD, created the Comprehensive Medical Mentoring Program (CMMP) to help minority students learn what they need to do to enter the medical field and to give them the tools to achieve that dream.  

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To help serve those affected by trauma, a new web-based educational tool offers a broad overview of the essential components of trauma-informed care.

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Robert Carr, MD, MPH, former chief medical director at GlaxoSmithKline, joined the School of Nursing & Health Studies as director of the new Executive Master's Program in Health Systems Administration. 

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Leonard Wartofsky, professor at Georgetown University
School of Medicine recently started serving as editor in chief of the preeminent journal in the field of endocrinology.

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The visual and narrative arts can help physicians hone their observational skills - a critical expertise increasingly needed in today's medicine, contends a Georgetown University Medical Center family medicine professor. 

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The investigation of a simple protein has uncovered its uniquely complicated role in the spread of the childhood cancer, osteosarcoma. It turns out the protein, called ezrin, acts like an air traffic controller, coordinating multiple functions within a cancer cell and allowing it to endure stress conditions encountered during metastasis. 

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The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation has awarded a President's Grant to Georgetown family medicine physician Ranit Mishori, MD, MHS, FAAFP, to create a comprehensive curriculum to educate health professions students, residents and clinicians about the health needs of immigrants, migrants, torture survivors, asylum seekers and refugees. 


As Liberia rebuilds a health care system decimated by the 2014 Ebola outbreak, understanding precisely how far citizens live from health facilities and its impact on seeking care can help shape new strategies to improve health care delivery and reduce geographic disparities. 

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The ongoing outbreak in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is an important reminder that the Middle East respiratory virus (MERS-CoV) requires constant vigilance and could spread to other countries including the United States. However, MERS can be brought under control with effective public health strategies, say two Georgetown University public health experts. 

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Georgetown's Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation recently helped the White House and Department of Energy (DOE) raise $4 billion that will be invested directly into clean energy solutions and companies.  

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It's toasty out there! From : Advice for older people on staying safe in hot weather  

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Today we welcomed our new class of PhD students!

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