A Precious Child, Inc.
A Precious Child, Inc. September 2010.
Dear Supporters, 
It's back to school for many children and thanks to your support, donations, and volunteerism over 2,100 children who would have otherwise gone to school unprepared will be attending class with new backpacks and the required school supplies. This is more than a 100% increase from last year's Fill-A-Backpack program that delivered over 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to kids in need.
Tough economic times coupled with massive school funding cuts have led to lengthy school supply lists. The Denver Post reported that, "Jefferson County Public Schools is expecting to cut at least $20 million for the 2010-11 school year, Denver at least $30 million and Douglas County at least $31 million." 

This has made the cost of school supplies a serious challenge for many families especially in light of the higher rate of unemployment and the increase in single parent homes. A Precious Child's Fill-A-Backpack program is designed to help families in need with backpacks and school supplies as well as children who are in the social services system, foster care, or in homeless or protective shelters.
Thank you all for making this year's Fill-A-Backpack program such an amazing success!
 The school supply lists are heftier than ever.  (Channel 7 noticed: Watch here.)
 "Odyssey 2010 goes Hollywood"
A collaboration between the Broomfield Crossing Rotary and A Precious Child
Broomfield Crossing Rotary and A Precious Child will host the 11th Annual "Odyssey 2010 goes Hollywood" Gala on October 29th 2010 at the Omni Interlocken Resort to raise money for charitable programs that benefit children and seniors in need. A Precious Child is thrilled to collaborate with the Broomfield Crossing Rotary, an esteemed organization with a long history of supporting youth and seniors in the community. A Precious Child and the Broomfield Rotary Crossing has partnered for this one night event that will serve as the most significant fundraising event of the year.
Tickets to the event are $100 and include fine cuisine, wine tasting, a live/silent auction, entertainment and door prizes. There will be exotic vacations including 16 rounds of golf in a Mexican Villa. The event is open to the public and sponsorship packages are available.
Special guests include Dave Aguilera from Channel 4, Miss Colorado USA, Miss Colorado Teen USA and Mrs. Colorado.

To purchase tickets go to www.apreciouschild.org.
For more information contact Denise Sadowski from A Precious Child at 303-466-4272 denisesadowski@apreciouschild.org or Marie Rowe from the Broomfield Rotary Crossing at 303-457-4238 marielrowe@earthlink.net.
Poverty and Health
By Sammie Heckler
It is well known that individuals with low socioeconomic status (SES) often have an increased risk for death and illness compared with their higher SES counterparts, however, until recently the exact mechanism was not known. Surprisingly, studies have shown that over 50% of the relationship between poverty and health can be accounted for by stress while less than 30% is accounted for by smoking, diet, exercise, access to health care, and substance use combined. The relationship between poor health status and SES is by no means a small phenomenon; individuals with low SES have a 5-10 fold increased risk for death and illness. While human survival was once dependant on the "fight or flight" response when in danger, the chronic stress faced by those living in poverty can have detrimental effects on health. Poverty induced stress can be due to any number of things from insufficient food and clothing to economic strain and can contribute to a variety of health risks including high blood pressure, increased heart rate, impaired memory, deteriorated immune response, and elevated cholesterol levels. With over 11.4% of Colorado residents living below the poverty level and the number of children living in poverty increasing, it is important that the effects of stress are mitigated so health can be improved. Through our mission of improving the lives of disadvantaged and displaced children, A Precious Child works to relieve some of the stress experienced by parents or guardians who do not have the means to provide basic essentials to their children. With this small reduction in stress, the hope is that the overall health of families in our community will be improved in the long run.
Reference: Dr. Martha Wadsworth and Jonathan Duff, M.A. University of Colorado Denver, Behavioral Health Sciences.
Volunteer of the Month

Diane is A Precious Child's volunteer of the month. Diane has been of great service to A Precious Child, helping tremedously with this year's Fill-A-Backpack program. We asked Diane's daughter, Nanette, to say a few words about her mother. This is what she had to say:
My mother is a hero!!!! 

"She has been a foster parent for over ten years. During that time she has fostered over 30 children. Some children came for just a night and some have stayed in our lives forever. Every child holds a special place in my mom's heart. My mother says that this is the career that makes her happy, being a parent and guiding children. She has worked with teen moms and their babies- teaching the teen parent how to be a successful parent themselves. She has worked with at risk children who no one else who would take them into their home. She has also worked with adolescent boys and children with special needs. My mother is the parent to three daughters and a young man named Bo. She is also a grandmother to 6 grandchildren. She cares for all of her grandchildren and has helped raise Alexzander who was featured at A Precious Child's golf tournament.
My mother also enjoys giving back to others. She loves being able to help out or give to a family who may need more than we do! Even though we have endured tough financial times, my mom is always willing to give food or clothing and love to all who need it!  
The saying in my mother's home is that
'whether you come for a night or a lifetime you are
part of our family forever.'"
 A Precious Child would like to extend a huge thank you to Diane for all that she does. The impact you have in the lives of children is truly amazing!
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"Odyssey 2010 goes Hollywood"
Poverty and Health
Volunteer of the Month
Meet Tebow!
Running with the Buffalo 5K Run/Walk
A Precious Child Needs Clothing
Tracking Donations
Meet Tebow, an adorable Pomapekamaltipoo
 Tebow is an 8 week old Pomapekamaltipoo.
At 2 1/2 pounds, he is just about the size of A Precious Child's brochure. Tebow will be auctioned off at the "Odyssey 2010 goes Hollywood" Gala to be held at the Omni Interlocken Resort Golf Club on October 29th. By then he will be 4 months old but still small as he is expected to be only 9 lbs full grown. His dad is a handsome 9 lbs Maltese and his mother is a 7 lbs Pomapekapoo. It won't be easy to bid farewell to this amazing little boy but we know that he is going to bring such happiness to the lucky family who takes him home.
For more information about Tebow and the Gala call us at 303-466-4272 or visit us at www.apreciouschild.org
The One Community's Running with the Buffalo 5k Run/Walk Announces a Partnership with A Precious Child, Inc.
This Partnership will benefit other non-profits as well as countless children and families at risk throughout the Denver Metro area.



The Commerce City One Community Board who is the main sponsor for the Running with the Buffalo 5k Run/Walk announces a new partnership with A Precious Child, Inc.  Through this partnership both non-profits will collaborate in the coordination of the Running with the Buffalo 5k Run/Walk scheduled for Sunday October 10th, 2010 at the Commerce City Prairie Gateway trail. 
At the post race expo A Precious Child will hold a clothing drive; therefore we encourage runners, family members and anyone who would like to contribute, to bring gently-used or new clothing for donation.  The clothes collected will be distributed to children and families in need through organizations including foster care organizations, social services, schools, and homeless shelters throughout the Denver Metro area. 
For more information please contact Carina Martin at 303-466-4272 or visit www.apreciouschild.org.
Registration is at 7:00-7:45 am and the race starts at 8:00 am.  The fee to preregister is $25 per person and $30 the day of the race. To register for the race, please visit http://www.finishlinetiming.com.
A Precious Child Needs Clothing! 
The good news is A Precious Child continues to partner with new nonprofit organizations, shelters, schools, foster care associations, and other agencies.
These partners refer many children and families who are in serious need of our services. Our phone is ringing off the hook as referred clients call to make appointments to obtain clothing and other essentials from our Central Clothing Bank.
This is great because we are getting your donations to those who need it the most and making a positive impact in their lives.
Our Central Clothing Bank needs to be replenished with clothing, coats, and shoes.
We are especially in need of:
Girl's shirts and pants sizes: 7, 8, 10, 12, 14+ (juniors)
Also, trendy larger sized women's clothing is needed for our younger female clients.
Boy's pants sizes: 10, 12, 14+ (juniors) 
Also, high school age appropriate young men's tennis shoes.
Please help by bringing your donations to A Precious Child's Central Clothing Bank located at 557 Burbank Street, Unit E Broomfield, CO 80020

A Precious Child closely tracks clothing donations
received through our Central Clothing Bank and the amount distributed back into the community to children and families in need. The above chart shows that the amount of clothing distributed into the community is proportional to the amount you donate, so
please keep your donations coming!
In the last seven months the community donated clothing and other essentials valued at $205,070. In turn, A Precious Child provided $179,568 worth of clothing to local children and families in need. You make this all possible!