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IMPORTANT: Comparative Effectiveness Research Fee
The Comparative Effectiveness Research fee contributes to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund (PCORTF). The fee is also known as CER fee or the PCORI fee (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute). The institute is a non-profit corporation tasked to research clinical effectiveness related to:
  • patient-centered outcomes,
  • risks and benefits of medical treatments, services, procedures, and
  • drugs that treat, manage, diagnose or prevent illness or injury.

All affected group health plans must pay the fee, with the earliest fee payable by July 31, 2013. Click here for an informative slide show that explains the effect on your plan(s). Because the regulations are now in the comment period, they are subject to change. BSG will continue to monitor developments.

The preceding is not intended to be and is not offered as legal advice. We are prohibited from the practice of law. Compliance is the responsibility of the employer or Plan sponsor and affected employees who should seek their own legal counsel regarding questions about information presented in this news alert. Copyright© 2012 The Benefit Services Group, Inc. BSG® is  a registered trademark of The Benefit Services Group, Inc.