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We Have Been Warned

By Jan Markell

December 8, 2014 

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Israel was revived as a nation in 1948 against all odds. America's role in that has been vital and crucial, and that role is most often set by the President of the United States.

Last week news leaked that Barack Obama is thinking of placing sanctions on Israel. If this materializes, I shudder to think of the consequences to America! (See Genesis 12:3) He will not put sanctions on some of the most vile nations on earth. 

As a watcher of the political climate in America, I recently assembled a message on how U.S. Presidents have treated God's covenant land. I started with Woodrow Wilson as he was in office when the Balfour Declaration came about in 1917. That was the "unofficial" birth of Israel which was later formalized May 14, 1948.

This message was given at David Reagan's annual conference in July in Dallas and at my October "Understanding the Times Fall 2014" conference in Minneapolis.  You can now order it on a single DVD, one hour in length, for just $15 here.

New DVD by Jan Markell  
                           New DVD by Jan Markell
               Find it here for $15 + S/H: 60 minutes
                      Or call us CST: 763-559-4444

Learn some of these facts and have these and other  questions answered: 
*  What was behind Franklin Roosevelt's abandonment of the Jews during WWII? Why wouldn't he bomb the railroad tracks into the camps to slow down the carnage?

* What happened when 900 Jews fleeing the Holocaust in 1939 on the St. Louis appealed to enter the U.S?

* What prompted Harry Truman to be such a champion on behalf of Israel unlike Franklin Roosevelt? How did he literally save tens of thousands of Jews?

* How could Dwight Eisenhower, who liberated the camps during WWII, go on to become President and
turn on the Jewish State? He was outraged at the concentration camps and the abuse and told his soldiers to take photos or the world would never believe it.  
* Why was Lyndon Johnson called a "Righteous Gentile"?

* Over 500 hours of tapes by Richard Nixon revealed he loathed the Jewish people. So why did he step in and save her in the 1973 Yom Kippur War? 

* Why did Gerald Ford say he couldn't conceive of selling out Israel?

* Why was Jimmy Carter the second most bitterly anti-Israel U.S. President, second only to Barack Obama?

* Why did President George H. W. Bush tell Israel to stay out of the Gulf War and to just sit back and take the scuds dumped on her by Saddam Hussein?

* Why did Bill Clinton feel he had to tap into "Jewish genius" and stack his administration with more Jews than any other U.S. President?

* Why was President George W. Bush called "Mr. Palestine"?  How did Replacement Theology affect his administration?

* Why would Barack Obama compare the "suffering" of the Palestinians with that of the Jews during the Holocaust?

* Why did Israel conclude she could only rely on herself when Barack Obama was re-elected in November, 2012?

* Which Secretary of Defense under Obama had a war against Christian Zionists? Which CIA Director converted to Islam?

* What was Israel's response when she concluded that the Obama administration was backing Hamas in the summer of 2014?

* Why does Barack Obama use the term ISIL?

* Why should we care about any of this? Other than the current administration, isn't it all history and even long-ago history? We can't change history.

These are just a few bullet points from the one-hour presentation. You will get a thorough history lesson on the Presidents of the United States since 1917 to the present with dozens more details than listed here.

There are significant lessons to learn from this. Why do you think America is currently experiencing endless crises? Could it be our present policies towards Israel?

Israel remains "the apple of God's eye." (Zechariah 2:8) No nation, ministry, government, or individual can stick their finger in it and get away with it. He gave the land of Israel as an everlasting possession to the descendents of Abraham. Even the boundaries are clearly given.

It says in Isaiah 41:11 that those who "contend" with Israel will perish.

We have been warned. 

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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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