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Abuse of Power: We Were Warned

By Jan Markell

March 10, 2014
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My frequent radio guest and Understanding the Times conference speaker, Gary Kah, joined me on air this past weekend. He has been warning the world of the coming global government system for almost 25 years. His position in the Indiana state government gave him his first glimpse of this effort. His study and private travels since then have helped him speak and write in a manner that confirm his warnings to millions.

He raised the following excellent points on the current Understanding the Times Radio program found here or here.

*  ObamaCare is not about healthcare, it is about control of the population. Getting medicine socialized is the greatest goal of the globalists as it will quickly turn any free nation into a socialist failed state such as are many European nations. 

*  Hear sound bytes of the planned efforts to enter your home and quiz you about some of your practices that the government will deem unacceptable through this ObamaCare effort.

*  The predicted "lawlessness" the Bible speaks of has begun but is being led not by out-of-control citizens as much as by the highest leaders in our land. The White House and their cronies are changing laws at a whim, skirting an ineffective Congress.

* Our nation is being transformed, alright. We were warned that this would someday take place not just by the likes of Gary Kah but by the Bible. The book of Revelation, particularly chapters 13 and 17, outline the one-world aspirations of many global leaders.

*  The FCC plan to monitor news rooms and clamp down on conservatives and Christians is only on hold. It has been delayed but will resurface as will the "Fairness Doctrine" before Obama leaves office, or in a forthcoming far-Left administration.

The traditional credit card is on its way out. It is not Internet rumor that traditional plastic will be replaced by Fall 2015 with cards containing a chip in them. Microchip technology is already here. The hacking debacle with Target, Neiman Marcus, and other retail outlets has made this necessary. This is just one step away from being put on or in our body and thus just one step away from "the Mark of the Beast" technology. We have been warned.

Through chaos, Satan is conditioning the world for a one-world system. After WWI, the League of Nations looked good. After WWII, the United Nations looked good. After some impending global crisis, a global government will look good. We have been warned. 

Gary Kah
Many Christians are leaving government agencies that are spying on not just Americans, but on people and leaders around the world. Some are leaving FEMA. Others are staying and taking a stand against in incursions into privacy and the obvious threat to freedom they represent. Some want to stand in the gap; others cannot violate their conscience as they see government abuse of her citizens. Others remain to fight the implementation of Socialism and even Marxism on America. We were warned.

* Military leaders are being fired right and left because the current crop of leaders want only leaders who tow their line of despotism and will go along with abuse of power.

*  U.N Agenda 21 plays into this. Learn how.

We may be just one global crisis away from global government. Will it begin in the Mideast with a war between Israel and Iran? We cannot say for sure! Perhaps it will be weather-related or natural disaster-related. The Obama-Kerry disaster locomotive heading for a train wreck has allowed Iran to continue on with her nuke program which could spell disaster for the Mideast region and the world.

* How is Pope Francis contributing to efforts particularly for a global religion? He recently reached out to Kenneth Copeland Ministries asking that there be unity among Catholics and Pentecostals.

* How does Pope Francis' theology more represent Hinduism than Catholicism?

* Why does Kah believe Jerusalem will become the interfaith capital of the world?

Many have tried to warn us over the years. The distractions of life cause us to dismiss this and continue on with enjoying life in a type of denial that is deadly. But having said that, when things are outlined in the Bible, they must come to pass. Since we have read the end of the book (Revelation), we know who wins.

Thus look up and know your redemption draws nigh! 

Again, you can listen here, here or here.


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