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Understanding the Times 2013

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Dr. Ron Rhodes has two messages on end-time issues and deception-in-the church; Dr. Mark Hitchcock looks at the coming economic collapse; Joseph Farah takes a look at current events. A Q & A session tackles many, many questions on people's mind. Order here.

"Your conference was a mountain top experience and it's difficult to return to the real world!"--Arlene 

"Absolutely the most important book in my library."--Jan Markell

Nearly every question you can think of is addressed by Dr. Ron Rhodes. He is one of Jan's most frequent radio guests. Note her endorsement above. Find the paperback book here for $14 + $5 S/H. From practical end-time issues to more complex apologetics' issues, Rhodes makes the complicated easy for anyone to understand.

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Jan Markell
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By Roger Oakland

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Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Is that anything to be concerned about? Jesuits were commissioned by the Pope to do whatever it took to end the Protestant Reformation. While most Christians think that the Counter Reformation is a thing of the past because we are not seeing Inquisitions today, this movement continues with renewed effort through various avenues of the evangelical/Protestant church. In a way, it is more insidious than the Inquisitions because now it has infiltrated Christianity and is being disguised as the "new" Christianity.

But disguised or not, it is the Jesuit agenda, and it is bringing about ecumenism and a one-world religion.

When Things Go Terribly Wrong

By Jan Markell

October 14, 2013

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I am just off "Understanding the Times 2013." The unstable tide of our times brought almost 3,500 attendees from at least 20 states and one foreign country. And while I do not call these events a "prophecy conference," we certainly hit upon that topic with great enthusiasm. We look at current events, apologetics, discernment issues, the culture, and more.


A few days later, I received an e-mail from an attendee who had come from Indiana to Minnesota for the event. At first I was stunned by one word she used. I got her permission to report this. She writes, "It is so comforting to spend a few hours with people of like minds. Even among believers, I find it unsafe to speak of Bible prophecy."


I've heard eschatology (prophecy) called sensational, speculation, fear mongering, a date-setting scheme, unreliable, and more. I have never heard it suggested that the subject matter is "unsafe." That's like a contagious plague. That's equating it with going into a dark alley in a crime-infested neighborhood. This is nuts.


This woman told me she felt that raising this subject with fellow Christians made her feel unsafe. Fearful. Uncertain.

Several thousand attended "Understanding the Times 2013" outside of Minneapolis, MN. We meet again Saturday, April 26, same location. Speakers are Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor Skip Heitzig, and Eric Barger. All details will be posted here in six weeks. 

How did this happen? In part because our churches have called the greatest news in the Bible, that occupies 1/3 of the Bible, a waste of time or too controversial to ever address.  And in part because major Christian leaders such as Rick Warren and Bill Hybels suggest we just not go there. 


The fact that the King is coming should be front-and-center in every church pulpit many times a year. The topic should not be marginalized, mocked, or scorned, and certainly no one should suggest it is "unsafe." If there isn't "safety" in the hope of Heaven, the hope of His return, then we truly are a pitiful generation. The fact that we have this hope sets believers who think this way light years ahead of a hopeless society today.

Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Dr. Ron Rhodes, and Joseph Farah of WND during our Q & A session

The morning of my conference, Fox News carried a story online, quoting Mel Gibson, titled, "Someone Needs to Arise from the Ashes and Save Us." He was referring to the government but we can apply it to the entire dysfunctional nation and world. He spoke the longing on the heart of many: Send us a "man with a plan." Send us "Mr. Fix-It." We're ready to receive him be he god or devil. 


Yes, some would call this story sensational but I didn't make it up. A major news source put it in headlines because they know it expresses the sentiment of many readers.  That's why so many turned to a Messiah-type Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. He kept promising a new day in America. It is new, but not a happy day.
Things have gone terribly wrong. Things once stable are coming apart. It's when things go terribly wrong that we have the stability of our God and the Bible and the assurance of all Bible promises past, present and future.


That stability is very safe! It's a cup of cold water when lost in a steaming desert. It's a comforter reminding us that no matter how bad things get on earth, perfection awaits in Heaven. It offers peace amidst the pieces.

So join the like-minded crowd again next April 26, 2014, just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota for "Understanding the Times 2014." Our guests include prophecy scholar Pastor Skip Heitzig, Moody Church pastor Dr. Erwin Lutzer,   and my radio co-host and teacher, Eric Barger. There is no cost or registration needed.

Once again, we cover apologetics to Bible prophecy. What might the world and church look like in the spring of 2014? We'll sort it out for you. 

Watch our "CONFERENCE" page at our Web site for updates.

If you have a story similar to my attendee from Indiana, send it to me please.

In spite of the mockers and scoffers, I encourage you to look up and not around. He is coming again and the worse it gets in the world, the more that message needs to be heard. Even if some declare it "unsafe."

Paul exhorts us to forget the things behind us and to look forward to what lies ahead. He pressed on to win the goal of a Heavenly prize leaving behind all the earthly, broken systems. (Philippians 3:13-14)  May we do the same.

Saturday, 10 a.m. CST 
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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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