Uniform Policy Reminders and Updates
We are very grateful to all families who make the continuous effort to follow uniform policy.  The students are beyond excited about the new shoe policy-the younger students love showing us their new shoes.

Here are some important reminders and a few updates to ensure your child is in uniform:
  • Acceptable uniform items are either from our former uniform vendor True Grits or our new vendor Dennis Uniform.  We are in a
    two-year transition. We currently sell new True Grits items from inventory at reduced prices in the student store to help ease these transition years. We of course have used uniforms available.  See this week's SerraDIPITY for more information and Student Store times.
  • Skirt lengths need to be adjusted to follow the school policy of 4" from the top of the knee.
  • Update to Sock Policy: Socks may be plain white, navy or black and can only have a small, single color logo on them. We believe this answers many of the concerns recently expressed to us.
  • Proper haircuts and hair styles need to be adhered to. Hair must be kept clean, brushed and cannot be over the ears, cover the eyebrow or touch the shirt collar for boys. Hair must also look natural in appearance. Extreme haircuts, especially shaved sides of head with LONG comb-overs or hair with large variations of length are not permitted.
  • PE uniforms must be worn on PE days.  PE uniforms new and used may be purchased from the Student Store.
Uniform policy is a part of our program here at St. Junipero Serra Catholic School.  Your support and trust makes a difference.