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 Call to Mission                                       May 2013

Father Dominic Duggins

As our partners in mission, you know that a central part of Glenmary's ministry is our outreach work in the impoverished Appalachian and southern U.S. counties where we serve. One major, decades-old outreach effort is Glenmary's Group Volunteer Program, based at the Glenmary Farm in Lewis County, Ky. This initiative has had a lasting impact not only on county residents, but also on the many thousands of young volunteers who have come to serve others. And now, as Glenmary prepares to open a Tennessee site for this program, we pray that its profound effect on those involved will continue.


The "ripple effect" can be seen even within Glenmary. For example, Brother David Henley, now our vocation director, was drawn to Glenmary through his early Farm volunteer experiences----as was Brother-in-Training Jason Muhlenkamp, who will be renewing his Glenmary Oath in early June.


Without your ongoing support and prayers, though, we simply wouldn't be able to keep sponsoring this life-changing program and many others. We are deeply grateful for your faithful generosity, which touches so many lives every day. May God bless you for all you do.


Father Dominic Duggins

Development Director

Father Tim Murphy and Anna in Bruce, Mississippi mission Anna's Journey to Easter   
The choices to join the Catholic Church this Easter and to raise her son in the Church are two of the best decisions Anna says she has ever made. She credits the welcoming community at the Glenmary mission in Bruce, Miss., as one of the key factors that motivated her to make these life-changing decisions. 

Brother Craig Digmann knocking on a front door Brother Practicing New (and Old) Evangelization 

Glenmary Father Aaron Wessman, associate pastor of two new Tennessee missions, wrote this article after observing Brother Craig Digmann's "uplifting" evangelization efforts. Brother Craig's door-knocking ministry has resulted in a number of inactive and active Catholics joining the Maynardville and Grainger mission communities. 

Madge Marten, Glenmary donor, and her granddaughter Donations and Prayers Key to Three Decades of Support

After first hearing about Glenmary as an eighth-grader in 1939, Madge Marten started supporting the society with her husband Harry in 1979, when their son Joe entered Glenmary for a time. Now an 85-year-old widow, Madge has continued that support because she and Harry always thought Glenmary's mission is "something quite wonderful." 

Brother David Henley, Vocation Director Pope Francis: A Glenmarian?
Pope Francis may be a Jesuit, but he could be a Glenmarian, says Brother David Henley, Glenmary's vocation director. The pope's actions and words since being elected indicate that he is a man of the people with a deep concern for the poor, just like Glenmarians. Brother David says he can't help but notice the many similarities.

Tacoma, Washington donor group Tacoma Catholics Continue
to Share Blessings
After providing financial assistance, prayers and encouragement to two of Glenmary's Georgia missions for 14 years, a group of dedicated Catholics from Tacoma, Wash., is now supplying the same kind of generous support for three missions in Tennessee and Kentucky.

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