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JULY 2015
Dear Members and Friends of Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir ~ Heart of the City,
As the year marches on, and we enter into the summer months and season of vacations, Congregation Leyv Ha-ir is just beginning our new fiscal year.  We have a newly elected leadership team that will guide the congregation through the next year.  
I'd like to thank all of the members that were able to attend our Annual Meeting.  With over 30 members attending, this was the most highly attended Annual Meeting that anyone can recall.  Yasher Koach to everyone that attended and a big todah rabah to all of the incoming members of Council.

I wanted to take a minute to thank several of our long-time members that are stepping down from Council.  These include Bobbi Cohen, Roby Jacobs, Myrna Schlanger and Joan Goldberg.  All have devoted many hours of their time and energy to making Leyv Ha-Ir such a warm and welcoming community.

The High Holidays will be here before we know it.  We always need help with the many activities and tasks required to ensure uplifting, spiritual and smooth running High Holiday services.  Please be on the lookout for more information on the High Holidays, as well as information on renewing your membership.  It is due to the support of our members and guests at the High Holidays that we are able to present such great programs throughout the year.

Enjoy your summer!

Larry Finkelstein

Saturday, July 11, 10:00 AM, Shabbat Morning Service

Join our lay-led minyan for a Shabbat morning service, Torah discussion and pot-luck veggie/dairy lunch.  

Location: Myrna Schlanger's home in Cherry Hill, NJ

Contact LHI at 215-629-1995 or for questions.  Contact Evy Simon at 215-561-7474 or if you can offer or need transportation. 


Monday, July 13, 7:00 PM, Council Meeting
All members are invited to our monthly Council meeting.
Location: Phyllis Gottlieb's home in Center City
Contact Phyllis at 215-983-0353 for exact location.      


Friday, July 24, 6:30 PM, Home Shabbat Service and Dinner  

Join us at a member's home for a short lay-led Friday night service followed by a pot-luck veggie/dairy dinner.
Location to be determined.  


Saturday, July 25, 8:00 PM, Tisha B'Av Observance

As is our custom, we will meet with Rabbi Alanna Sklover at Iris Newman's home for a meaningful service. Contact Iris at 215-561-0228 or for exact location.  All are welcome.  


Saturday, August 1, 10:00 AM, Shabbat Morning Service

Join our lay-led minyan for a Shabbat morning service, Torah discussion and pot-luck veggie/dairy lunch.  

Location: Ethical Society, 1906 S. Rittenhouse Sq., 2nd floor Collier Room 

Contact LHI at 215-629-1995 or for questions.  


Take a complete look at Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir upcoming activities.

See Center City Kehillah events here.
July 2015

While Rabbi Julie takes her summer vacation, she passes along these 2 messages:
  1. One Book, One Congregation - we are reading Waking up White by Debby Irving.  Our discussion will be on Sunday, August 30.  Please mark your calendar for that date!  More details will follow.
  2. Rabbi Julie is featured in this interesting Times of Israel article about the reaction by faith based groups to the Charleston shootings. You can read the article by clicking here.
The Council is working to clearly define the roles and responsibilities for the members of the Executive Committee and all of the Leyv Ha-Ir committees.  It is due to the hard work and dedication of these committees and their volunteer members that we have such a smooth running organization.  

Each of the members of the Executive Committee is responsible for oversight of the committees reporting to them.  These responsibilities are listed below:

First Vice President - Donna Finkelstein
  • Ritual (Chair: Iris Newman)
  • High Holidays (Co-Chairs: Bobbi Cohen & Roby Jacobs)
  • Oneg/Hospitality (Chair: Roby Jacobs)
Second Vice President - Evy Simon
  • Tikkun Olam/POWER (Chair: Susan Thompson)
  • Music (Chair: Frann Shore)
Secretary - Phyllis Gottlieb
  • Education
  • Information/Publicity (Chair: Beverly Hayden)
Treasurer - Sandy Brown
  • Finance
  • Membership (Chair: Daniel Johnson)
  • Chesed (Chair: Pat Wisch)
If you are interested in helping with any committee, I invite you to contact the committee chairperson and let us know how you will help. You will get more out of it than you put in!
LHI and POWER in Harrisburg on June 20

Members of Leyv Ha-Ir - Rabbi Julie Greenberg and her daughter Rosi, Bobbi Cohen, Beverly Hayden, Susan Thompson, and John Mason - joined with members of other congregations affiliated with Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild (POWER) in a prayer meeting and kickoff of the 10-day fast for a moral takeover in front of the state capital in Harrisburg on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

The action was in support of full fair funding of public schools in Pennsylvania.

The participants boarded buses in front of St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Church on North 11th Street and rode to Harrisburg, Rabbi Julie served as a bus captain. Once there, they attended a prayer meeting at Grace United Methodist Church, and a few participants mounted the pulpit to tell of their problems with their local schools. After the service, participants marched to the steps of the capital building, where they staged a symbolic laying of hands on those fasting to protest inadequate funding of schools. A group of POWER constituents, including families with children, remained at the capital to begin a daylight fast lasting for 10 days. The fast and accompanying actions, will end on June 30 when the State legislature will vote on school funding.

Scenes from Harrisburg:

Leyv Ha-ir team in Harrisburg to support POWER's fast for 10 days prior to PA legislative budget vote on Full Fair Funding for schools. Note: Michael Meketon, our past president, with Angel, joined us.

Participants from Rodeph Shalom brought a Torah, which they gladly shared with us.
LHI's Annual Meeting, held May 31, ended a banner year.  More than 30 members attended,
and a new slate of officers was voted in.  Kudos to Bobbi Cohen and Roby Jacobs for holding down the fort for so long.


Ends its successful first year

Sue Frank and Claire Dubin at the final Singing Circle of the year.  Stay tuned for next year's new schedule, under Jessi Roemer's direction and facilitated by
Frann Shore.

May this soul be bound in the Book of Eternal Light:  



Marci Fleet