Take action now and prevent equipment engines from overheating!

Tips to keep cool
Rising temperatures increase the potential for damage to your material handling equipment.  You may experience engine wear at a higher rate, parts failures, and more maintenance expenses - which can all be avoided by taking a few precautions:

1. Replace work belts - they'll cause overheating
2. Coolant - check it and replace it regularly
3. Hoses - do not wait until you see real damage, it may be too late.  If the coolant leaks, engine temperature will rise.
4. Test radiator cap pressure - coolant is pressurized to help keep the boiling point of coolant high and those caps are vital to ensuring correct pressurization.
5. Examine the engine fan - it should keep heat away from the engine so make sure it is not damaged.
6. Make sure inching pedals are adjusted correctly
7. Radiator screens - remove any debris or clogged areas

While maintaining optimal engine temperature is important any time of year, keep a closer eye on it during these hot summer months.  



AFS was called on to fill short term rental needs.  We delivered 2 Doosan rental units to replace the customer's trucks that had been out of service for some time.  The Doosan's performed so well that the customer requested a third rental after another one of 'X' brand lift trucks had failed.  
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