Learn about why you should perform routine maintenance in addition to preventative maintenance.  We can provide a checklist!

Maintenance for Safe Operation
In the material handling industry, many people use the terms 'preventative' and 'routine' interchangeably when in fact they are worlds apart. Everyone needs to know the difference.

The definition of routine maintenance is simple, small-scale activities (usually requiring only minimal skills or training) associated with regular (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and general upkeep of a building, equipment, machine, plant, or system against normal wear and tear.
By contrast, the definition of preventative maintenance is systematic inspection, detection, correction, and prevention of incipient failures, before they become actual or major failures.

Here are some important items to consider when servicing your fleet
  • All work should be performed in a clean and safe area
  • Make sure that the engine is off or the battery is disconnected
  • Block the wheels and set the emergency brake
  • Change engine oil and filter per manufacture's schedule
  • Change air filters (cleaning is often not recommended)
  • Grease all fittings correctly, excessive grease can cause  as much damage as none
  • Replace hydraulic oil as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Batteries must be filled after charging to avoid spillage - use alkaline fluid to clean
  • Pneumatic tires should always have proper air pressure to avoid damage
  • Inspect chains (and anchors) for elongation, rust, protrusion, cracking,  and misalignment
It is required by OSHA that you have your operators utilize a daily check list and provide that to your technician for him/her to use as a reference for needed repairs. Be sure to keep a copy on file of the daily check list and the explanation of any repairs to present to OSHA if requested.

If you decide to use an outside company to service your forklifts, research their service system, their response time, their call completion logs, and their references to ensure that they are dependable and that that their technicians are fully trained.

Remember: Safety first when working with or on any piece of material handling equipment!

Following Up

One of our service technicians has been in contact with a facilities management company in Tennessee...
Working with the customer and providing multiple solutions, he was able to obtain the customer's business - to their satisfaction.  The first of many orders started with providing them with a Doosan rental unit.

Staying in touch with potential customers can turn them into current ones!
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