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Are your forklifts and drivers ready for winter?
Preparing machinery for the different seasons is similar to the everyday maintenance you conduct but paying attention to detail is key in winter:
  • All safety equipment is functioning properly
  • Welds are not broken
  • Tires are full of air and are not missing any chunks
  • No visible leaks
  • Gauges are functioning properly
  • Chains and anchors are not rusted or cracked
  • Fluids are topped off - coolants, antifreeze, lubrication, etc.
For drivers - they will need warmer clothing and use slower speeds in icy or wet conditions.  If you are in a more harsh winter environment, additional operator training may be necessary.

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Service Spotlight

As it starts to get colder around here, don't forget our service technicians are available 24/7 to help get your equipment ready for winter.  

Call 855-595-1301 to get a technician scheduled. Click on the map for territory details.
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