Issue No. 3
October 2013

It's Energy Awareness Month!

This issue focuses on different ways you can get funding for building a CNG station, converting your fleet, and other ways that reduce your carbon footprint when using CNG.

There's several direct links to regional associations that can help with grant writing and other funding sources.

How can you expect to fill your vehicles when there are no stations near you?  Organizations need funding to invest in CNG refueling stations.

Is South Carolina going to add another CNG station soon?  Michael Dehnert talks to officials of Fountain Inn's Natural Gas Department. 

Reducing dependence on foreign oil, reducing urban emissions and reducing greenhouse gases are just a few reasons why the government provides funding for utilizing natural gas.Fundlinks

Funding is a huge factor when considering opening a fueling station or converting a fleet.  Here are some great resources on local and federal funding - grants, loans, tax incentives - for your new CNG endeavor:

Which comes first?

The Natural Gas Vehicle or the Filling Station

A lot of this has to do with money.  Companies aren't going to switch to CNG without the infrastructure, but building a station isn't cheap. 

If you have a topic that you would like covered on the next issue, let us know!

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   Our CNG Account Representative, Michael Dehnert, weighs in on the fuel of the future.SC

FordCNG2With 2014 fast approaching, everyone's talking about who's going to come out with the next vehicle to run on CNG.   


Looks like Ford has been the subject of those conversations lately, with their announcement of the popular F-150 to now have the ability to run on CNG.


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