Issue No. 1
April 2013
Return Industrialization to US

Compressed natural gas is the fuel of the future.  It is affordable, safe, plentiful, and it's made right here, in the USA.

CNG Refueling Systems can reduce your vehicles maintenance and fuel costs.

Serving parts of the Carolinas, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee, we cover a lot of ground with the best in the business.


Keith Driscoll, President
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Shale Boom Sparks US Industrial Revival 

Eddie Seal | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Workers make a pipe connection on the drill string on the Orion Perseus drilling rig that is currently drilling for oil and gas in the Eagle Ford Shale, Webb County, Texas.

When Wolfgang Eder and his team started looking around for a site for a new plant for Voestalpine, the Austrian steelmaker he heads, they had 17 sites in eight countries on their list.


This month, after more than a year of looking, they settled on Texas, after a boom in the production of natural gas from shale extraction brought gas prices in the state down to just a quarter of what companies paid in Europe.


"In the USA, re-industrialization is being promoted very consistently, ambitiously and with great conviction," Eder told Reuters. "Low energy prices gave us the final-and not insignificant-push."


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CNG Refueling Systems
a division of Air Components & Systems, LTD.

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Natural gas revolution - GE discusses innovation and manufacturing

For GE, the recent financial crisis struck a blow, but management took advantage of the market's dip to make strategic bets in energy.

Isaac Pino / Blake Bos - Part 2/7 (HON, GE, MMM)
Isaac Pino / Blake Bos

Did you know...

The Federal Government has been providing funding for companies to make the switch from gasoline or petroleum to CNG based systems?

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