Buford Highway Farmers Market

8th Flavor of Georgia Showcase
Samples, Samples and more Samples!

Lip Smacking Samples  from the

Finalists and Winners, past and present, are at our Buford Highway Farmers Market Flavor of Georgia Showcase.

And they are bringing Samples! You do Like Samples?

Friday, Saturday May 5 and 6 - 11 am to 5 pm
                    Sunday May 7- 12-4 pm        

(Vendor Attendance Varies and may change from our announced schedule)

Here they are. Click a logo and check out their Facebook page. 
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Reaper Pepper Relish 

Jake's Fresh Market and Cannery. 

Carolina Reaper Pepper is the key ingredient, this flavorful relish spices up your any of your dishes. 

 Sampling Saturday and Sunday.
Double Chocolate Candied Pecan Cake Pop

Kaylee Cake Pops

Such a beautiful day outside for PINK & GOLD and CAKE POPS! 

Sampling Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Unicoi Preserves are one of our favorite Showcase Alumnus. 

They fill our shelves with and ever changing delicious assortment of creative natural preserves

Come see them Sunday and learn many wonderful ways to use Unicoi Preserves. 

Nekkid Espresso Dairy-Free Gelato

Revolution Gelato. 

Ultra creamy and intensely flavored dairy-free gelato that lets you "have it all" -- a delicious, healthier, planet-friendly dessert. 

Sampling Saturday and Sunday

Worry Free Tea

Biron Herbal Teas. 

Also find Confidence, Inspiration and Love and Laughter Herbal Teas, blended with only the finest Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbs. 

Sampling Friday, Saturday and

Georgia Grinder's Pecan Butter 

Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters. 

GA made, family owned. The highest quality handcrafted nut butters from simple all-natural ingredients. Simplicity never tasted so good! 

Sampling Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Royal Rose Bakery
Cakes and Cookies

A taste of Provence using the freshest local ingredients. 

Sampling Friday and Saturday!

Praline Pecan Honey Butter 

Built by Bees, Inc. 

Rich opulent, mind blowing infused raw honey. Appreciate the wonderful light texture and sweet flavorful aroma. 

Sampling Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Golda Kambuchas! 

Golda is a southern kombucha tea beverage hand crafted in small batches from Atlanta, Georgia. Golda Kombucha tea is fermented in an American white oak barrel, which enhances the health benefits of the tea and provides a unique mellow yet tart flavor. 

Sampling Saturday 1-5 and 
Sunday 2-4

Cherokee Rose and Elberton Blue

Southern Aged

An artisanal cheese producer, making European-style cheese by hand in Georgia. Formerly Natures Harmony. 

They will sample Saturday 11-2!

Sausage Cheese Balls 

Back to the Basics 101

The ingredients are items you can pronounce and are familiar with they are Back to the Basics 101.

Sampling Friday and Sunday.

Gotcha! Praline Cheesecake 

Jessicakes Bakery , LLC. 

The unique dessert born and baked in Covington. 

Sampling Sunday.

Smokin' Jerk Barbecue Sauce & Marinade 

Galangso/ Natures Kitchen. 

A combination of flavors from the Indies for the discerning palate. Great for the taste-buds, delightful for the stomach.  

Sampling Saturday.

Bacon Cheddar Burger Patties and Hot Georgia Night Sausage Links

Hunter Cattle Company

A longtime favorite in our Showcase.

Sampling Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thomasville Tomme  

Sweetgrass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy is a 140-acre family owned and operated farm in southern Georgia. Award-winning cheeses are made from the milk of Jersey Cows and exceptional quality! 

Sampling Sunday.

H. L. Franklins Healthy Honey-Wildflower  

H. l. Franklins Healthy Honey

Dedicated to providing the highest quality pure, raw, unfiltered honey available.

Sampling Saturday and Sunday.

Ginger Ales 

 Verdant Kitchen. 

Verdant Kitchen is a gourmet and wellness company crafting ginger and turmeric into premium products for your kitchen, bar and medicine cabinet. 

Sampling Saturday and Sunday.

Wicked Que Georgia Vinegar Sauce 

Neptune Industries, Inc. 

Over 15 Grand & Reserve Grand Championships. 

Sampling Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

High Road Craft Ice Cream and Sorbet

Chef-driven, culturally inspired flavors. 
Every flavor has an inspiration and a purpose. Occasional kitsch, sure. But, we're very serious about food.

Sampling Saturday and Sunday.