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March 2016
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
Leadership Resources
Professional Learning Opportunities at NCSM in 2016-17! Mathematics Leadership in a Time of Change: Building Leaders at all Levels

NCSM is striving to provide year-long professional learning opportunities that follow the theme of Mathematics Leadership in a Time of Change: Building Leaders at all Levels utilizing It's Time and PRIME resources. Please join us for one or more events!

Summer Leadership Academy
What: Summer Leadership Academy
Where: Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL
When: July 18-20, 2016

Fall Seminars
What: Phoenix Fall Seminar
Where: Phoenix, AZ
When: October 25, 2016

What: St. Louis Fall Seminar
Where:  St. Louis, MO
When: November 16, 2016

Winter Leadership Academy (NEW)
What:  Winter Leadership Academy
Where: Atlanta, GA
When: December 2-4, 2016

The Summer Academy is about the Curriculum Leadership Principle; the Fall Seminars will expand on Curriculum Leadership; and, the NEW Winter Academy will take on the Teaching and Learning Leadership Principle. Threaded throughout all professional learning opportunities will be shifting mindsets and beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics.

What's Happening in Mathematics Education
The NCTM Annual Meeting will be held April 13-16, 2016 in San Francisco. Sessions will be held at both the Moscone Center and the Marriott Marquis. Regular registration ends April 12, so register soon!

What's New at NCSM
The 2016 48th NCSM Annual Conference (April 11-13), Oakland, CA, is quickly approaching! Advanced registration ends this week! Please register now on the NCSM website.

Over 250 outstanding sessions will be available including presentations by Keith Devlin, Jo Boaler, Jose Franco, Uri Treisman, and Cathy Seeley, among many others! Session information is on the website and will be updated as changes occur. We hope to see you in April!

Welcome to the March 2016

The NCSM eNews is published monthly. Our goal is to provide the NCSM community with current happenings for both the NCSM organization and mathematics education. Please let us know if you have suggestions for future editions. Enjoy the spring season and upcoming break!

Babette M. Benken, eNews Editor 
Message from the NCSM President, John Staley 

In just a few weeks mathematics education leaders from around the world will gather in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area to engage in several intense days of professional learning and growth. In the past, my goal was to take in every minute of every day (and evening) as I participated in sessions and learned from the leaders who unselfishly gave of themselves. Once again, I approach this year with a level of excitement that I cannot put into words. My goals have shifted slightly. First, I hope to get to a few sessions; and once again learn from those who have been mentors and role models over the years. Second, I plan to celebrate the journey that each of us has traveled during this year. And last but not least, I plan to meet and spend some time (not sure how much) with hundreds of colleagues and friends who strive every day to make mathematics meaningful, relevant, and accessible for each and every student.
Have a great month and I look forward to seeing you in April.

Last Call for Volunteers for the 48th NCSM Annual Conference!

Whatever your reason to volunteer, please consider helping your organization at the 48th NCSM Annual Conference in Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, April 11-13, 2016. There are opportunities before the conference starts with bag preparation on Sunday, during the conference at registration, ticket taking for meal functions, helping non-members complete a registration form for a free 1-year membership at the membership booth, assisting at the book store, and after the conference at the NCSM membership booth for the NCTM conference. 

This year we are excited to help our volunteers with "Building Bridges Between Leadership and Learning Mathematics" T-shirts created to honor their service. Wear them while volunteering at the conference and take them home to remember the new connections you make in Oakland. We encourage everyone interested in volunteering at the conference to visit the volunteer site on the NCSM website. For additional information, contact Mona Toncheff, NCSM 2nd Vice President.

Reflex Math 45-Day Trial
Nominations for 2017 NCSM Positions

Thank you to all who took the time to participate in the 2016 elections and a special thank you to the members of the NCSM Nominations Committee. Nominations for 2017 NSCM available positions will close on May 15, 2016. The positions available for nominations this spring are:
  • Second Vice President
  • Regional Director, Central 2 (Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)
  • Regional Director, Eastern 2 (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia)
  • Regional Director, Western 2 (California, Far West: American Samoa, Federated States (Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Island, Palau Islands), Hawaii, Military AP: AFO/APO, Oregon, Washington)
A Regional Director (RD) resides or is employed in the region represented and represents the region at all Board meetings.  He or she organizes events and plans meetings for NCSM members at NCTM and/or other meetings within the region as appropriate.  The RD promotes membership and recruits and retains members within his or her NCSM region.  He or she also invites mathematics leaders to participate in NCSM activities, recommends members from the region to be considered by the Nominations Committee as candidates for NCSM offices, and seeks Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award nominees. The RD prepares written reports of regional activities to be submitted at Board meetings and writes and solicits articles for official NCSM publications from NCSM members within the region. The RD may also assume such duties as the President and/or Board may determine.

The Second Vice President serves on the NCSM Executive Committee. He or she serves as a member of the Program Committee and as the Volunteer Recruitment and Management Chairperson for the annual meeting during the year in office. The term of office begins the duties of the Program Chair for the subsequent Annual Conference. The Second Vice President may also assume such duties as the President and/or Board may determine.

If you wish to make a nomination now, please be sure that your nominee is interested in running. Please send your nomination to the Nominations Chair, Steve Viktora, before the deadline.

Annual Conference: April 11-13, 2016

Annual Conference
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