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February 2016
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
Leadership Resources
July 18-20, 2016
Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL

The three-day summer leadership academy will continue the focus on It's TIME and the Leadership Principles in PRIME with a concentration during this academy on Principle 3, Curriculum Leadership ("Every Leader ensures relevant and meaningful mathematics in every lesson"). The focus will be on what could be done with a team of teachers from the stance of a curriculum leader of mathematics educators and will continue the threads of fostering shifts in mindset, strategic planning, and networking as leaders. 

Bring yourself or bring a team of teachers and use this opportunity to explore what it means to develop a coherent, meaningful curriculum that encourages the teaching of higher levels of mathematics and advanced skills.

Look for more details at the NCSM Annual Conference in Oakland in April 11-13, 2016 and on the NCSM website after the conference. We look forward to seeing you in July!

What's Happening in Mathematics Education
The NCTM Annual Meeting will be held April 13-16, 2016 in San Francisco. Sessions will be held at both the Moscone Center and the Marriott Marquis. Early-Bird registration ends March 4, so register soon!

What's New at NCSM
The 2016 48th NCSM Annual Conference (April 11-13), Oakland, CA, is quickly approaching! Advanced registration deadline is March 15, 2016.

Over 250 outstanding sessions will be available including presentations by Kevin Devlin, Jo Boaler, Jose Franco, Uri Treisman, and Cathy Seeley, among many others! Session information is on the website and will be updated as changes occur. We hope to see you in April!

Welcome to the February 2016

The NCSM eNews is published monthly. Our goal is to provide the NCSM community with current happenings for both the NCSM organization and mathematics education. Please let us know if you have suggestions for future editions. Enjoy the spring season!

Babette M. Benken, eNews Editor 
Message from the NCSM President, John Staley 

Why do I love mathematics?

Many of us may have taken time on Valentine's Day to pause for a moment and celebrate love with a significant other in remembrance of those we love. I invite you to take a moment to pause and think about the following, "Why do I love math?"
As the mathematics education community continues to work diligently to make mathematics more meaningful, relevant, and accessible for all students, we have to pause and reflect on our own personal love for mathematics. Maybe that love was started by a former teacher/professor, colleague, or friend. Maybe you fell in love when you stepped into a classroom, lecture hall, professional learning event. Maybe, just maybe it was something on the inside that you can't explain. It might have been the excitement you felt with solving math problems, the ah ha when you made a connection to something you were learning in mathematics and how it applied in another subject or your everyday life.

The one thing many of us know is that we don't need to wait for a special day of the year to express our love for mathematics. To explain our love we might start with "just because," "it is hard for me to explain," "I knew it when." So, grab a pen or digital device and take a moment to write a "love note" to remind yourself of why you love math!

Have a great month and I look forward to seeing you in April.

Volunteer at the 48th NCSM Annual Conference!

Whatever your reason to volunteer, please consider helping your organization at the 48th NCSM Annual Conference in Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, April 11-13, 2016. There are opportunities before the conference starts with bag preparation on Sunday, during the conference at registration, ticket taking for meal functions, helping non-members complete a registration form for a free 1-year membership at the membership booth, assisting at the book store, and after the conference at the NCSM membership booth for the NCTM conference. 

This year we are excited to help our volunteers with "Building Bridges Between Leadership and Learning Mathematics" T-shirts created to honor their service. Wear them while volunteering at the conference and take them home to remember the new connections you make in Oakland. We encourage everyone interested in volunteering at the conference to visit the volunteer site on the NCSM website. For additional information, contact Mona Toncheff, NCSM 2nd Vice President.

13th International Congress on Mathematics Education

July 24-31, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany! Early-Bird registration ends March 31, 2016. Join NCSM President John Staley and other members as we learn more about mathematics education across the globe.

Annual Conference: April 11-13, 2016

Annual Conference
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