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Welcome the January 2015 eNews
As the school year crosses the halfway point, there are many issues facing schools in regards to mathematics curriculum and assessment. To learn more on becoming an effective leader, plan to attend the 47th NCSM Annual Conference this April in Boston. Details are available at
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President's Message


Time sure has passed rapidly during my time as the President of NCSM. I hope this issue of the eNews finds everyone well. This year's Annual conference is titled Shining the Light on Learning: A Vision for Mathematics Leaders. Never has there been a more aptly named conference for our organization. With so many issues facing mathematics educators to in regards to curriculum, instruction, and assessment, NCSM has an opportunity to be part of the conversation regarding the future of each of these critical aspects to student learning and achievement. 


It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to serve as your president these past couple of years and I look forward to continuing my work in the mathematics education leadership community when I am done. For now, I would like to see everyone in Boston in April!


Lastly, look for an eNews at the end of each month leading up to the Annual Conference. Each monthly eNews has a signature sponsor that serve as vital partners in our organization. This month's sponsor is Carnegie Learning. To learn more about Carnegie Learning, simply click on their add on the eNews and you will be directed to their web page.


Thank you and I hope to see you in Boston.


Valerie L. Mills

President, NCSM



Check out the latest news on equity from the Education Trust at



-For up-to-date information regarding equity in mathematics education, please check out the TODOS homepage at for all of your equity needs.


Leadership Resources


Explore the Standards for Mathematical Practice in Action!


Explore EDC's  ( for Illustrations of the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Illustrations include 1) a mathematics task and student dialogue that exemplify what student mathematical thinking aligned with the standards looks like when connected to mathematical content, 2) teacher reflection questions and a mathematical overview for teacher learning and 3) student materials related to the dialogue for classroom use. These Illustrations may be used in professional development settings as well as for individual learning and reflection. 

Call For Manuscripts
The NSCM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership is requesting individuals submit manuscripts for publication. See Call for Manuscripts for more details
Educational Technology
For an update on the latest in educational technology, check out EdTech Weekly Report
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Leadership Resources
The Winter NCSM Newsletter is now available. Check out the latest issue for articles and resources: NCSM Newsletter

Webinar Series

The NCSM Webinar series is a valuable resource for timely topics. Check out the latest editions of the webinar here: NCSM Webinar Series

Attention Coaches: There are many exciting opportunities this year at the Annual Conference!

1. Conference Sessions for Coaches can be found in Strand 4:

Strand 4: Exploring strategies and tools for mathematics leaders and coaches to support mathematics learning - This strand will focus on successful approaches to help new and veteran leaders increase student learning and understanding. You will be able to filter for this strand using the conference app.

2. Coaching Kick-off Session: This session is planned for Monday morning at 9:30; just after the Conference opening session and the keynote speaker Jo Boaler. Come enjoy networking opportunities with others who have common work responsibilities and a sneak peak at our newest NCSM: Coaching Corner Website features.

3. Coaching Table: We will have a table setup near the NCSM Book Store where coaches can come to get their collectible Boston 2015 NCSM Coaching Pin, learn more about navigating the resources on the NCSM: Coaching Corner website, and conference session designed for coaches.

We look forward to see and talking to coaches and math specialists in Boston.

Donna Karsten
NCSM - NCTM Representative and Coaching Chair

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics eNews Editor

Mike Hall